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THAT’S Her Britannic Majesty’s problem, she’s just not absolute

You see she’s merely a Constitutional Monarch, subervient to the Law and the embodiment of her Subjects. For this the nation she governs is acknowledged as friendly, her Washington Embassy has returned the gift of a bust of one of her most admired former Prime Ministers and – oh, you can have an iPod. Sorry, was I meant to nod just then?

But respect, real respect, bowing, scraping, fawning respect – you have to be the absolute ruler of a vicious and corrupt Wahhabist state that chops up criminals to get that from the American President –

The question is, where does respect stop and deference begin? 

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22 thoughts on “Who Says Obama Can’t Show Due Respect?

  1. Shameful. WTF did Obama think he was doing? There’s due respect and deference but that went way too far.

    His wife done good though by being matey with the queen. Pity hubby Phillip had to spoil it yet again for her:

    Obama told him: "I had breakfast with the Prime Minister, meetings with the Chinese, the Russians, David Cameron…"

    To which Philip replied: "Can you tell the difference between them?"

    I’ll bet she wishes he’d stay away from these occasions.

  2. Bush licked this guys harry scrotum and you complain about this? LOL any old excuse to denigrate the man

  3. Whoever Harry Scrotum is, I recall President Bush holding a Saudi Royal hand while having a stroll somewhere.

    Clearly, a bow and a scrape before the King is benign in comparison.

  4. he stooped down far enough to smell the king’s crotch, maybe he was kissing his hand.

  5. Look, Britain is insignificant to the United States, compared to Saudi Arabia.

    America does not need Britain – except maybe for cosmetics. Britain is not even the most powerful country in Europe and they posses nothing that America needs. With the rise of India, China, Russia, Brazil etc. Britain will become more insignificant on the world stage.

    The Saudi’s have America’s hairy scrotum in their hands and can squeez as hard as they want.

    America is now the property of China Inc., but it gets it allowance from Arabs.

    If, in the next 10 to 15 years, Saudi Arabia decides to get friendly with the Shanghai Cooeration Organisation, then that is that – game over.

  6. Saudi Arabia needs water. There’s already a lack of rivers and permanent water structures and most importantly it’s underground water resources are depleting.

    Whoever can offer the best solution to their water problem will be rewarded well in oil.

  7. Jimmy,

    I’m sure the Chinese can make salination plants alot cheaper than the yanks.

    Just looking at the video there, it’s great. Obama walks straight over to the Saudis, kisses their ass then he walks by the queen to the Brazillian President (hmmm. I wonder why?).

    The poor Queen seems to be ignored by everyone; she is left to chat to – what looks like – Kim Jong Ill!!!

    It shows how times have changed. It is so very predictable.

  8. "getting down to business?"

    business was done ages ago, this is publicity for the signatures.

  9. GUBA

    The person Gordon Brown introduces the Queen to is not Kim Jong Ill, it’s the Chinese President Hu Jintao.

  10. Jamesy,

    First of all, it is obvious that Saudi Arabia and even Brazil are more important to the United States in the longterm than Britan.

    Britain is still an important country, but is is wilting and, of all the big powers today, Britain is the one that will fall the most.

    I am not saying i like it, i am just saying that it is what it is.

    Also, i know that it is not Kim Jong Ill. I doubt he would get an invite.

  11. Guba

    I’m glad Saul Alinsky Obama isn’t hanging about with our Queen much. Quite frankly that man is an embarrassment.

  12. An odd photo. I don’t know why anyone bows to a royal, be they Saudi, British or Hottentot.

  13. I think that it is pretty obvious why Obama is bowing before the Saudi prince. He would be a fool not to.

    Charles, we are free at the behest of the Chinese, Russians and OPEC. We better pucker up, if we want to keept it that way.

  14. I think it’s a quite suiting position for Obama, liberals are always most comfortable bending over for fascists.

  15. Where’s Colm? The threads suffer severe tedium when he’s absent. The rest of you bastards are damn boring, get a spark of humor or smut going – no one gives a rats about your so-serious positions on anything.

  16. hah,

    Bush bended over the very same way. The United States of America is the biggest funder of Islamic terrorism on the planet. It is also probably the biggest target of Islamic terrorism.

    Obama has no choice but to kiss his ass. The Saudis are, in effect their masters. The Country that kicked out their British masters now have new owners. It is pathetic.

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