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The Over reach will be reeled in….

By Patrick Van Roy On April 10th, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled late Friday night that California cannot ban in-home religious services while allowing other similar activities in the secular world, once again ruling in favor of religious liberty in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 5-4 ruling was led by the court’s most conservative justices, including newest member Amy Coney Barrett, while Chief Justice John Robert’s once again joined the liberal bloc as he has during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Slowly the assault to American’s Civil Liberties are being corrected, but even in the Courts it’s along Party lines which to me is scary as hell. There should be no politics in our judicial system, but it has always been a political Animal, but it was on a leash of written Law. That written Law is starting to mean less and less and that should make you all worry.

Lot’s of little tin pot dictators have run amok over the last year. The death count of 5 of them is half the deaths from Covid in the U.S. and I will beat that horse until if ever justice is served on it, but there have been a million little trampling’s of peoples Natural Rights.

Not only have peoples rights been trampled but also peoples dignity has been taken. That is what needs to be addressed and never will be.

What makes this country work are the majority that work their 40hr week and live their lives as they each want. You took that from them, and locked them in their homes. Barred their children from school.

Yes it is and was a bad disease, but the damage that has been done by the “Preventative” will in the long-term have destroyed more lives than the disease takes. We will suffer over 100,000 over doses projected this year, suicides in all age categories are off the charts children suicides 12-17 have risen 700%.

No one is addressing these issues and they are the only ones that really count.

10 Responses to “The Over reach will be reeled in….”

  1. If the courts have ruled on the basis that the restrictions on religious gatherings were discriminatory and harsher than other indoor social gatherings then they have made the right decision. If the ruling is based on the idea that faith based meetings should be exempt from public health measures that would be wrong.

  2. “The 5-4 ruling was led by the court’s most conservative justices, including newest member Amy Coney Barrett ..”

    “Moderate”. They mean the most moderate and centrist Justices.

  3. it was a black and white case no matter how you approach it, the fact that this was not a unanimous decision is frightening.

    Government has NO jurisdiction on religious gatherings and there was no LEGAL Health rule or Law that was applicable or violated the very point of the whole case was that they seized power they didn’t have under the FALSE pretense that some such “Law” existed they LOST…

    but only just barely and that’s cause for concern.

  4. The government has every proper oversight over all gatherings

    As respects safety ( how many allowed in an auditorium , the law on the number of doors and fire extinguishers ) etc

    “ Religious “ handling of poisonous snakes has been outlawed by most states, completely constitutional, no thinking person opposes any of this

  5. “Government has NO jurisdiction on religious gatherings ”

    Of course it does. That’s a ridiculous thing to say. Churches have to obey the law like any other organization. The times when ‘God’ based organisations run by men had special exemptions from the law or the State should be long gone.

  6. If an Aztec believer wants to perform human sacrifice as part of their religious services, Patrick supports their right to do it.

    Exceptionally bizarre worldview, one not shared by Americans at all.

  7. I imagine Patrick thinks such special dispensation should apply to right wing Conservative Republican supporting Christian church groups only 🙂

  8. I don’t know if a Human Sacrafice case has been tested in the courts it would be interesting which right tops which in the eyes of 9 clowns in robes… The Right of the Practice of Religion or the right to Life….

    Considering the Courts Stand on Abortion the Aztec might Win…..

  9. Snake handling is in the neighborhood

  10. lol…. that case would bite