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They even eat their own….

By Patrick Van Roy On April 11th, 2021

Here is a nice piece about what happens it to you if you have the NERVE to even criticize AOC….

Prepare for that Knock on the door.

6 Responses to “They even eat their own….”

  1. This is good comment by Tucker

    I wish it had included the interview with the left-wing blogger Who received a visit from the police, courtesy of AOC

  2. standard fox news misogyny, man speaks out hes brave and principled, woman speaks out she is a shrill bitch

    How come we never hear these criticisms of Cruz or Rand Paul

  3. “It’s hard to believe this is happening in America.”

    Tucker Carlson is wrong there. It’s easy to believe. The left has total control of the institutions, including education, and therefore generations of American children have been taught to denigrate their country, heritage, culture and birthrights.

    The result is the surge of radicalism we see now. Yes, in power, and if they could get away with it, the AOCs would intern political enemies and ensure that the most vocal are never seen again. The far left has done this everytime and in every place it has had power. This lot are no different. Left wing radicalism is the always the same and it always goes to the same evil place.

  4. EP

    No one is criticizing her for speaking out

    Including here when she speaks out on the Middle East when she has no idea of what any of the issues are there

    People are criticizing her and her liar snitch “ Committee for the defense of the revolution “ followers For siccing the police on a left-wing critic of hers.

  5. Everyone should be allowed to speak out, AOC has a right to her view, and anyone also has the right to criticize it…

    Phantom I would have posted the blogger interview but Fox has not done it’s own posting with it.

    I could cut it out and post it, but the video would disappear in 24hrs due to copyright… fox is actually one of the strictest about using it’s product.

  6. Ok

    I will track it down