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By Pete Moore On April 11th, 2021

If the young Elizabeth were looking for a consort now, I don’t know that she would ever find her Philip. Men like him are as rare as hen’s teeth these days, not least because the modern world seems to despise them so much.

It never affected Prince Philip because he was far too old; but how many young men growing up today can afford to espouse his values? Values that society no longer sees as strengths but weaknesses, unforgivable flaws even, the kind that require the sternest re-education at the hands of the woke guard.

But if toxic masculinity is loyalty, duty, courage and wisdom, so be it. If it’s someone who walks ten steps behind his wife while still managing to show her the way, that’s fine by me.

And if toxic masculinity is providing stability for his children and giving countless others the opportunity to be their best, then I for one would prefer it to the polished pronouncements of some empty-gestured, hand-wringing, virtue-signalling eunuch.

RIP Prince Philip. There are far too few like you left.

 – Sarah Vine

Absolutely bang on. Not a word out of place. It’s a mark of the genuine cultural revolution inflicted on us that HRH was a typical man in his day, while masculinity is derided and mocked now.

I hope Michael Gove is enjoying his Sunday.

4 Responses to “ATW QOTD”

  1. It’s a cultural revolution that has been prosecuted by a sick minority

    Think of the huge majority of men —and women— in your own lives – family, close friends, casual acquaintances .

    I doubt very much that those people look down on masculinity. I bet that they treasure it where it exists in your circles

    So why does the majority ( of I think all ethnic groups ) allow itself to be pushed around?

    ( And masculinity isn’t bragging, or pushing people around. That’s not it at all. I’d think that Reagan and Obama while different types are both masculine by anyone’s definition I’d think that emotionally fragile types like Trump, Bill Clinton and say Anthony Weiner are not masculine in any true sense of the word )

  2. It isn’t true to say that quiet masculine virtues are despised nowadays. Most people still see the good in such behaviour. It’s just the noisiest minority who think they are setting the agenda and who have such access to the media to amplify their views who give the impression that such traditional personality traits are ‘unfashionable”

  3. “It’s just the noisiest minority ..”

    Who have total control of the institutions and who therefore wield vast influence on public opinion and government policy.

    The last seven decades of social and cultural policy have proven that Gramsci was a visionary.

  4. Men like him are as rare as hen’s teeth these days

    Well Sarah Vine should know, being married to Michael Gove.