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By Pete Moore On April 11th, 2021

The British government is sticking to an unlocking plan which stretches into the summer. It’s unsupported by the data, which is spectacular.

We learn from The Speccie that the UK has seen a 97 per cent fall in infections from the January highs – the largest decline in the developed world. The Telegraph tells us that over half of people in England live in areas where the virus “has all but vanished”. We also learn that no Covid deaths have been reported today in London, the South East or the South West of England. This is due in great part to the vaccines, that all of the vulnerable have been vaccinated and that herd immunity is imminent or not far away. The comparison with near neighbours demonstrates how successful it is –

Therefore the government’s programme is unreal and not supported by the data. The Prime Minister has been consistent that the programme will not be speeded up. This is dogmatic and not supported by the science or real world experience. I’m getting a much needed haircut this week. The idea that I need to wear a face mask while doing so is simply idiotic.

One Response to “FREE THE PEOPLE”

  1. It’s obvious that the government has decided to go for a bio-secure state and citizens will be de-facto forced to carry vaccine passports for years to come, which will be ample time for them to morph into digital identity cards. If anyone believes Liar Johnson when he claims that the passports will be temporary, well I have a bridge to sell.