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This is getting interesting

By Patrick Van Roy On April 12th, 2021

The Russians have moved 48,000 troops to the Ukrainian border with Putin saying it was because Biden called him a Murderer. The Chicoms just sailed their newly made multibillion dollar Aircraft Carrier around Taiwan while at the same time laying claim to a giant piece of Philippine sovereign territory, another reef  to be made into a man made Island.

Have no fear though…. Secretary of State Antony Blinken… is here, he told them there Chicoms in no uncertain terms…..

“All I can tell you is it would be a serious mistake for anyone to try to change the existing status quo by force,” Mr. Blinken said when asked if the U.S. would defend the island(Taiwan) from a mainland attack.

As for Russia well Blinky has some real concerns…

“As we speak right now,” Blinken told Todd, “I have to tell you I have real concerns about Russia’s actions on the borders of Ukraine. There are more Russian forces massed on those borders than at any time since 2014 when Russia first invaded. That’s why we’re in very close contact, in close coordination, with our allies and partners in Europe.”

So what message does that send from the Biden Administration ? Do either of those Statements project ANYTHING ?

Are only two Adversaries are both getting ready to invade their Neighbor and our secretary of state is talking, but nothing of substance is coming out of his mouth. If either of these nations decide to move forward with the actions they are threatening does anyone have any clue what President Biden is going to do?

Does he do nothing, make a speech, does he sanction the Chicoms… or does he intervene with troops… treaty says were supposed to with Taiwan…. I think by the end of the summer one or both with come to a head…. the smell of blood is in the air and opportunity thrive in weakness…. President Biden invites aggression just by who he is and isn’t…

46 Responses to “This is getting interesting”

  1. In 2020, when MAGA was jabbering on Twitter all day, Chinese military aircraft violated Taiwanese airspace about 340 times, a sharp increase over prior years. I guess they detected the weakness.

    China has territorial disputes with Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia and Myanmar. And the day will come when they seek Siberian territory.

    You think that this all started in January 2021. Not true. All of this, including the seizure and subsequent fortifications of small islands, goes back a long time. The aggression has been continuous.

    China is a far stronger enemy to the world than Russia ever was, and they are getting stronger. No matter who the US President is, China’s relative position. In the world will continue to rise.

  2. no Phantom this has been going on our whole lives….

    Trump did this ot Trump didn’t do that…. Who gives a shit. The whole time Trump was President not only did he engage in foreign policy combat fighting our adversaries on the business and trade end not one of them did anything to provoke Trump militarily….

    Like Nixon who was disengaging us from nam and Trump from the ME everyone viewed both as nuts who wouldn’t hesitate to attack anyone at the drop of a hat.

    Like Trump hate Trump, Like Nixon hate Nixon the rest of the world didn’t F with either, being a reactionary has it’s advantages. Biden is perceived as weak. It doesn’t matter that his first week in office he bombed people he is perceived by both China and Russia as weak.

    China and Russia are the only two nations beside us that can fight at the global level and China is at a point in it’s history that it wants to claim what it views as rightfully theirs Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Control of the China Sea and the Pacific. By the end of this century and they are moving right along.

    We can’t physically combat either Nation all sides have the capability to end all life on the Planet…. a skirmish here and there is always likely but official war between any of the 3 could easily be an extinction level event.

    Wars have to be fought on the business, trade, and Sanction level and The current group running that war are idiots.

    Can you tell me you have confidence in the Biden/Harris Foreign Policy Team?

  3. Some years ago, I heard Maurice ( Hank ) Greenberg, who had been the head of AIG for years speak about China.

    He had cultivated China for years, knew all the Chinese leaders, ever since China re-opened to the world.

    Greenberg said that China’s GNP will at some point before long be greater than that of the US’s, no matter what the US does. A nation of 1.4 billion talented people won’t stay poor forever.

    The US has been pissing away it’s advantages for a really long time, including by allowing it’s infrastructure to decay away, decade after decade, while China has been building the most enormous network of new highways, high speed rail, everything.

    The US pulling out of the TPP was an own goal for the ages. TPP was in effect an anti China club ( China was not invited to join ) and we stumbled out of it, to the amazement and delight of the Chinese Communist Party. And to the huge disappointment of Japan, Vietnam, Australia and the other friends of the US.

    The US hasn’t had a good leader on China since Nixon. And he was president before China became a big economic challenger as it is today, as it will be tomorrow.

  4. China is a Nation that will dominate the globe one way or another they are building a Western Nation but the are still under the yoke of political oppression. China will become the dominant nation no matter what just by it’s shear size and vast resources, but it will never lead the world and it’s biggest threat is internal.

    All Trade agreements Phantom since WWII have been weighted in favor of every other nation out of American Charity to bring the rest of the world up to 20th century living standards.

    Mission Accomplished. Now is the Time to end such nonsense. Fair Trade is the only arena that counts except the idiots who write our international trade agreements are not business people they are academics this lot has been around a very long time and they suck at it.

    No Trade “Groups” or “Partnership” treaties…. each nation one by one with the priority of protecting the AMERICAN worker and reestablishing americas industrial base. ALL Trade agreements should be approached from that view and no other….

  5. Chairman Xi takes great delight in your position on the US not being in trade groups

    And the US business community absolutely didn’t think that TPP was bad. Republican politicians who don’t know business thought that it was bad. Fox News is lying to you.

  6. My view is not based on the views of those who have brought us to a position of decline, nor do I care what the Chicoms think….

    Big Business and Big Government since WWII decimated the jobs and industrial base of this nation as they both exploited and enhanced the other nations of the world. It is time to stop….

    The industrial supply and manufacturing base must be rebuilt and restored in the US and that means hardball in a number of nasty practices, tariffs, taxes, and penalties.

    Bidens foreign policy is set to increase the American population by 100 Million people on top of everyone that is already here.

    Our infrastructure is collapsing because none of the infrastructure money is spent on infrastructure… and hasn’t been in 50yrs. The money has been wasted and stolen, and I don’t see this group doing anything different instead they are doubling down on policies we know are failures.

  7. https://apnews.com/article/john-kirby-south-china-sea-lloyd-austin-philippines-china-f113af1b858cabdb2ac369fd503ab16b

    Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Austin and Lorenzana discussed the situation in the South China Sea and the recent massing of Chinese vessels at Whitsun Reef, which has drawn criticism from Manila.

    China has said its vessels are there for fishing.

  8. So when you lot controlled the presidency and both Houses, which happened at multiple points over the past 50 years, why didn’t you approve infrastructure spending?

    You can’t blame everything on Biden and ” Obama “.

  9. not True in the last 50 yrs the House has only been under control of the Republican for nonconsecutively for 6 years when Newt took control in 94 it was the first republican house in 40 years and Ryan when he had full control did nothing….

    In the past 100 years Phantom Congress has been controlled by the Democrats for over 90% of the time so learn a little history please…..

    And I don’t blame Obama or ANY President in Particular I don’t even blame a Party I blame History and it’s events.

    What we did after WWII was necessary, the rest of the world needed to brought up to speed and we were the only nation in a position to both do it and exploit it. We did both.

    Now it is time for restoration here at home, and that means rebuilding our manufacturing base, and the only way to do that is Hardball on the Trade and International Business Community.

  10. The Republicans controlled all three levers for a number of years under both Trump and GW Bush.

    And they controlled the House under Nixon.

    They didn’t do any big infrastructure.

    Trump actually cancelled infrastructure that had already been approved ( Hudson River tunnel, critical to multiple northeast states ) because of his endless petty vendettas.

    If you never want to build infrastructure, you want to be quiet on the subject.

  11. 2 years and they worked against Trump and I’m sorry GW and his congress were a War Administration

  12. Trump actually cancelled infrastructure that had already been approved ( Hudson River tunnel, critical to multiple northeast states ) because of his endless petty vendettas.

    did Millions lose their jobs like Bidens canceling of all pipeline construction and all wall construction… both infrastructure both already paid and contracted for….

    Biden put more people out of work in one day then we will gain over his term….

  13. You use a war against the wrong country as an excuse for no significant Republican infrastructure projects under GWB? That’s marvelous.

    Imagine how the nation may have been if we had avoided the catastrophe and instead spent the money on quality rail and roads

  14. I use the fact that 4 planes being flown into American civilian targets had the nation congress and president focused on things other than infrastructure….

  15. For eight years?

    Attacking the wrong country was not helpful.

  16. yes for eight years and no wrong countries were attacked an a few that should have been attacked weren’t….

    but don’t worry Biden is guaranteeing that everyone will be killing each other in the ME in short due course.

  17. Biden is pushing the Germans hard to cancel the Nordstream pipeline, even though it’s 90% complete, with severe US sanctions against any company that gets involved with it (just like the Iran sanctions in fact).

    If the pipeline does get cancelled Putin will probably retaliate with a full invasion and annexation of Ukraine. The Crimea invasion in 2014 was just the prelude. He has always regarded Ukraine’s independence from Russia as illegitimate because the historical Russian nickname for Ukraine is “Little Russia”. One of Tchaivovsky’s symphonies has that title.

  18. China is by far the biggest producer of rare earth metals which are essential for the manufacture of microchips and smartphones. If a serious economic war breaks out there is no doubt that China will place a total embargo on exports to the West. There are other sources but it would take years to ramp up production to the level needed.


  19. Germany should tell the US to go pound sand on this matter. The US has no right to order countries to do their bidding.

    Nordstream is a new thing, but it’s not as though Germany doesn’t buy plenty of natural gas from Russia already. ( Via Ukraine, who doesn’t want to lose it’s role in this trade )

    BTW, the US itself has long been a substantial buyer of oil from Russia. Including during the four MAGA years.

  20. Germany will do exactly what their russian masters tell them or they’ll have no heat or gas.

  21. They’ve been buying Russian gas since forever.

    That trade isn’t new.

  22. They also are the ONLY source for everything needed for the batteries for the electric vehicles that are being forced as the gas engines replacement….

    just think of the power to embargo every mode of transportation world wide…

    your green cults dream…..

  23. not to this level Phantom with the RUSSIAN/GERMAN Pipeline (rest of the world still builds them)

    they have become totally dependent.

  24. Countries should not allow themselves to be pushed around by the US, EU, China, Turkey or any of the other bullies.

    Build Nord Stream 2 now.

  25. No finish the American pipelines and refineries and we start exporting…..

  26. I agree with that.

    I never would have cancelled Keystone, etc.

  27. The point is that a full-on trade war with China will be very costly. But I agree with you that it’s probably inevitable and we should be making every effort to prepare for it, not least on rare earth metals.

    The Chinese wolf-warriers have gone out of their way to pick fights with virtually all of their neighbours including India and Australia. They are beating a nationalist drum which goes down well at home and helps to distract the sheeple from the corruption and repression. And their policy is to lash out within days (if not hours) at every criticism. When Australia called for an independent investigation into the outbreak of the virus, tarrifs of 200% were slapped on its wine sales within a week. That’s why you don’t hear a peep from New Zealand, because over half its agricultural exports go to China and it has been intimidated into silence.

  28. we all agree….

    this is a frightening moment….

  29. “Last week, the US, the EU, the UK and Canada imposed sanctions on China over human rights abuses in Xinjiang. Beijing chose to respond in typical wolf warrior fashion. But by choosing to raise the diplomatic importance of the issue of the Uighur Muslims, they have made future western unity more likely; it is, after all, an issue on which western powers find it easy to agree. China’s sanctions on five MEPs are particularly ill-judged. The decision increases the possibility that the European parliament will not ratify the EU-China Investment Agreement.

    China believes it is big enough, and its markets lucrative enough, that its hard-line response will either make people fold or, better still, make them pre-emptively compliant. As one of the sanctioned MPs put it to me, China’s aim is to create a ‘shadow of the future’: to make people worried about how their lives might be affected by criticism of Beijing today. The decision to sanction a host of outgoing Trump administration figures is best understood in that light. It is designed to make US officials worry about how taking a tough line on Beijing might make life difficult for them even after they leave office…

    China wants to pick off its opponents. Only a unified western response can stop this, but that has all too often been lacking. When Beijing turned on Australia for suggesting that there should be an independent inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, there was a shocking lack of solidarity from New Zealand. Wellington’s trade minister, while negotiating an upgrade to a trade deal with China, suggested Australia should ‘show respect’ to China. New Zealand now exports almost half its meat and wool to China. Revealingly, it also dropped out of a statement by the Five Eyes — the intelligence grouping that joins together the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — that was particularly critical of China’s behaviour in Hong Kong…

    If western countries are to reduce their dependence on China, they need to act together to ensure that when 6G comes along they can compete with Huawei. In the UK, the government must ensure that its new takeover policy prevents firms that are either directly or indirectly controlled by the Chinese state from buying up science and technology firms and their intellectual property. It needs a body that is as rigorous as the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. At the same time, western countries must be much more realistic about what China is trying to do with educational collaborations such as its Confucius Institutes. Sweden has decided to close them, and that may be the only way to deal with the problem…

    The joint targeted sanctions on Chinese officials for the way the Uighur Muslims are being treated was an important first step in the West’s pushback against Beijing. There now needs to be action taken to prevent free societies from being economically bullied by China. Boris Johnson should use the G7 summit in Cornwall this June to put a plan for collective economic defence on the table.”


  30. If the US, UK, EU, and the super important Japan aren’t on the same page on this and on things like this going forward, the future won’t be very good.

    China is confident, arrogant, imperial and on the rise and they most certainly have a plan to increase China’s power everywhere you look.

  31. yeah goodluck getting everyone of those on the same page…. The EU will never cooperate, and right now the US is compromised because of the Biden family.

    Eventually the US, UK, Jap will be able to work together but there are two many players in the EU to trust, France & Germany do as they please and neither can be trusted.

  32. On very many things, the EU and it’s members have been partners with the US.

    China will be skillful at trying to divide and conquer, like the British used to do in their colonial days.

    A clumsy, thuggish China could wind up uniting the big countries in opposition to itself, but…they have many cards to play.

    The US can push places like Cuba and Iran around. China’s in a different league altogether.

    France and Germany desperately tried to convince the US not to invade Iraq. They said that we did not understand the forces that we were unleashing. Those two countries were the best possible allies then – they spoke the hard truth, and have been proven right.

  33. blah blah blah…. both nations deal under the table on their own interests the French can’t be trusted in the Middle East they have no regard for what can and can’t be sold they only care about the money. The Germans are the Germans…. Imperialist Huns who believe they should be in charge which the EU has given them without firing a shot but neither of you or who knows maybe even they don’t realize what they’ve done… but they made the EU’s most stable economic element completely dependent on the Largess of Putin….

    No Old Europe except the Brits can’t be trusted… period.

  34. The Germans would not be depending on Putin’s gas if they had not made the stupid decision after Fukishima to close down their nuclear power plants. The French stuck with theirs and now get 70% of their electricity from them.

  35. No greater Planet Damaging industry or Fuel Source than Nuclear…… and the greenie loves it

  36. It was completely idiotic to shut down the existing nuclear plants quickly.

    It wasn’t thought through.

    As Peter would know, this decision led to highly increased use of coal by Germany – not exactly a home run for the environment.

  37. Coal is filthy (“clean coal” is a lie truly worthy of Goebbels), but brown coal is even worse, and the Germans only phased that out a few years back. There is at least 200 years worth of coal still in the ground but 90% of it will not be burnt because it is being superseded by cheaper clean renewable power sources like solar, wind and hydrogen. In the short term, gas will be indispensible. It’s a fossil fuel but a lot cleaner than coal.

    Nuclear fission is reliable and clean in terms of emissions, but extremely expensive to commission. Nuclear fusion would be totally clean and a game-changer, but it may prove to be like alchemy. It is still being researched, but there have been several false dawns in the past and no breakthrough is expected this decade.

  38. Nuclear Fuel creates Nuclear waste no deadlier manmade emission product exists,,,, and will exist toxically forever contaminating and rendering lifeless everything it ever comes in contact with….. but coal bad…. radioactive poison good…..

  39. Cold Fusion is the dream, but is just that a dream….

  40. Yes there is a problem with nuclear waste. If we can crack fusion there is no waste, but hydrogen looks a better bet to replace natural gas in the next ten years or so. If it’s produced by wind or solar it is totally clean and a test project is already underway in England.

    We have doubled the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in the past 200 years, mainly by burning coal. The last time CO2 was at this level, sea levels were much higher than now. Glaciers are melting, methane is escaping from melting permafrost, sea levels are rising and what used to be exceptional weather events (heatwaves, drouts, floods, storms) have already become annual events on every continent. Our civilisation has developed in a period of climate stability and we are now destabilising that climate. We owe it to our grandchildren to stop doing that.

  41. CO2 is not a pollutant, just the opposite it’s plantfood… but you could change every trace gas in the atmosphere by multiplying it by a million or completely eliminating it and it won’t effect the Climate in the slightest the ONLY 3 things that influence Climate are the Sun, The Earths Obit around that Sun and the fact that 7 1oths of the Planet is covered by Water.

    Those are the only 3 elements that dictate any planets Climate…..

    Ya canna no change the Laws of physics…… no matter how many cows you get to Fart….

  42. Nuclear reactors should all be decommissioned 3 mile island was the best thing to ever happen… that event combined with The China Syndrome ended all nuclear power plant construction in the US…. bless her commie little heart.

    Peter there is a lecture I will find given by Michio Kaku on all the Nuclear Plant disasters that have never been publicized.

    Nuclear power above submarine reactor size is the worst endeavor man has ever pursued.

  43. Peter from 50 years ago….


  44. that isn’t the lecture but it’s a tease into where the lecture goes….

  45. CO2 is not a pollutant, just the opposite it’s plantfood

    I have never said it’s a pollutant. Yes it does help plants to grow which is why planting trees is one way of removing it from the atmosphere. But it’s also a greenhouse gas. If it was absent the planet would freeze so if it increases the planet will warm.

    You need to come out of the jungle. The war has been over for years.

  46. Water isn’t a pollutant, but if you have a 30 foot elevation of the local stream, you won’t like it.