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Something in WaPo I agree with…..

By Patrick Van Roy On April 12th, 2021


9 Responses to “Something in WaPo I agree with…..”

  1. Good thought

    No one should have lifetime tenure in any office

    An eight year term for Supreme Court could make sense

  2. No a straight 20 on the court.

    The court needs that stability and a 20 year appointment gives a judge the security to make the hard decisions while at the same time limiting it to a time period where they are mentally viable.

    12yrs Senate
    10yrs House

  3. Is there a cat in hell’s chance that term limits of any sort will ever get enacted? Leaving aside the SCOTUS, turkeys in Congress surely won’t want to vote for Christmas.

  4. 18 years for the Supreme Court with a term expiring every 2 years. That would mean 2 nominations for each presidential term.

    Of course if you have a McConnell who refuses to bring up a nomination to the Senate that would mess things up. I would assume that any change to an 18 year term would also involve changes to ensure that nominees get voted on.

  5. not a snowballs chance in hell Peter unless there is an article 5 convention…. so no never happen…

    FO 9 seats ONLY the way it is now just with 20yr terms not lifetime…..

  6. After McConnell’s Consitution-disrespecting stunt, would recommend an amendment that the Senate must vote on nominations in a certain number of days.

    It should not be necessary, but it is necessary, thanks to McConnell and Trump. You can no longer count on good faith interpretations of the Constitution.

  7. they have a vaccine for covid but not TDS…. we’re praying for you phantom

  8. The WaPo calling for Supreme Court term limits, just when it has a moderate majority, tells you a lot about the WaPo.

  9. Wapo is a rag that is also the single reason News Reporting no longer exists. It’s all “Journalism” (spin/propaganda) now.