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By Pete Moore On April 13th, 2021

The Prime Minister has suddenly turned against the effectiveness of the vaccines, claiming that the massive fall in infections and deaths is due to the lockdowns. He’s lying, of course. Our neighbours have had broadly similar lockdown measures but our numbers are significantly divergent. The difference is the vaccines, which are proven to be effective. Some 40 million Britons have had one jab, some seven million have had both.

The question is why the Prime Minister is doing this. I suspect he (and SAGE) are looking ahead at the inevitable public inquiry into the handling of the Chinese pandemic. He will be grilled on the economic and social costs and the high non-Covid death toll. He’s getting his answers on now, but it’s at the cost of the vaccine rollout.

2 Responses to “STOP LYING, BORIS”

  1. QR-codes, CCP inspired mass human surveillance, vaccine passports if you prefer, when they are in place, accepted as the new normal, all this guff will reside, but not until then. No vaccine, no life, no jab, no job.

    You were warned.

  2. Yes Harri. These Johnson lies are to give cover to introducing a bio-secure state, which it’s clear they have decided on. They just haven’t admitted it yet.