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By Pete Moore On April 13th, 2021

CNN became a shady propaganda outfit long ago. Anyone with eyes and ears knows it. However Project Veritas has done a steller job here, allowing a CNN director to spill the beans on just how shady it is. Their man admits that getting rid of President Trump was CNN’s aim, that it ran “propaganda” to do so, and that it ran made up nonsense to do.

He also admits that climate change will become the focus after Covid, using “fear” tactics. That won’t be new to anyone who watches the BBC. Journalism is in the gutter because of paid liars like this. No-one trusts the press, because of liars like this. CNN (along with the others) has long been a propaganda outfit, peddling lies. We now have the receipts.

11 Responses to “CNN, CAUGHT BANG TO RIGHTS”

  1. CNN ( like Fox, OAN, Newsmax MSNBC ) has long been a propaganda vehicle in it’s prime time shows.

    There’s simply no question about it. If you don’t believe me, watch Don Lemon any evening.

    If you want a channel that tries to get it right, you have to try to find SKY TV or some other non US channel

  2. Sky News is the same as the rest now. It often out-wokes even the BBC and it’s already pushing so-called climate change without pause.

  3. Maybe Bloomberg TV Channel? Not seeing overt polemicism there.

    It’s bad.

    At times the government propaganda channels ( RT, CGTN China ) seem very similar to the left/right channels here. They tell the truth much of the time, spin it their way in anything that requires a point of view )

  4. CNN became a shady propaganda outfit long ago.

    Unlike Fox then, which has has been nakedly partisan since the day it launched. In the aftermath of the election it pedalled every kooky stolen votes story it could lay its lying hands on. And it’s now being sued for billions by the Dominion voting machines company. Along with Crooked Rudy of course. You gotta love it.

  5. All Journalism is Spin/Propaganda, there are 3 major Leftwing “Spin/Propaganda” stations on the Left and 2 on the Rightwing side in the US.

    There is only one News Show broadcast daily and it’s on Fox at 6pm est. It is the ONLY hard news show on TV that has an equal number of Democrats and Republicans on it every night, you get analysis from both sides.

    No others do… period end of story.

  6. So Fox has 23 hours of hate-fest anti-vaxxer rightwing lies and one hour of “fair and balanced” news.

    And we should be grateful?

  7. CNN/MSNBC/BLOOMBERG/CBS/ABC/BBC Have 24hrs of Leftwing Lies and you drink every drop.

    You might actually be grateful to hear one hour of Balance since you can’t find one minute of Balance anywhere else.

  8. Fox, Newsmax and OAN are right wing propaganda and conspiracy stations

  9. where cnn/msnbc who spun a lie for 4yrs about Russian Collusion they’re legit…..


  10. I haven’t watch any tv news for maybe a decade. I listen to BBC Radio 3 for music and Radio 4 and Radio Ulster for news. The rest of the news I get is online from the BBC, The Guardian, and the Belfast News Letter.

    I get comment from the NYT and the Atlantic and the Spectator and Spiked – that’s two leftie and two rightie. So enough balance for a tightrope walker.

  11. BBC, The Guardian, and the Belfast News Letter, NYT, Atlantic….. and Spiked… lmao no wonder you have no clue….. Peter do yourself a favor broaden your horizons.

    Now don’t get me wrong I read all those publications except the Belfast News Letter, you are getting only one view regurgitated….

    start here… https://www.realclearpolitics.com/

    It gives you TWO articles on every issue. One from the right, one from the left.