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By Pete Moore On April 13th, 2021

The Governor of Minnesota put out an address about the latest shooting-rioting-looting-burning incident.

This address will also be broadcast live in Spanish and Somali through @TPTNOW and Somali TV Minnesota.

Nope, I say they learn English. You immigrate into an English-speaking country then you learn English. If you don’t bother to learn, and suffer because of it, then that’s your fault and problem to overcome. Pandering to people who cannot be bothered to speaky da lingo goes one way to social division and ghettoisation. So no wonder the left panders to it. That’s how we have goodness knows how many people here who still can’t speak a word of English years after fcrawling in but every welfare and NHS leaflet translated into 50 languages.

Yes, I practice as I preach. I learned passable French and Spanish and fairly good Italian from my time in those countries, and because I was living there it was pretty easy. I’m British, we’re programmed to be resistent to foreign languages, so if I can do it anyone can.

4 Responses to “CHE?”

  1. The English were famous for learning the native language in all the countries they colonised.

  2. technically the US is not an english speaking country

  3. FO –

    One had to ensure one’s instructions were understood. We even knicked plenty of words, the funnier ones.

    FO –

    I agree. Technically it’s a kind of English-speaking country.

  4. When can a Police Chief be told what’s what? Who put journalists in power over the Police? Are CNN now running Bidens America? This is worth a read.