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British Shame And The IMF

By ATWadmin On April 4th, 2009

Britain should not be afraid or ashamed of taking money from the International Monetary Fund, a senior Cabinet minister has told the Daily Telegraph.

So reports the Telegraph. Tim Worstall is inclined to agree.

There’s no shame for Britain in asking for such help. No shame for Britons either. Just as someone attacked by thugs should not feel shame in asking for help from nurses and doctors.

However, the thugs in that case should feel shame, just as the politicians who have driven the economy into a state needing IMF help should feel shame.

Well, yes, and we’re clearly being buttered up for IMF help – again as it happens, since the last Labour government had to send up flares the IMF’s way. However there are quite a few Britons who ought to feel shame, I think. That’s anyone who voted Labour since 1997. What did these people think they were getting? They voted for a high taxing, high spending, corporatist socialist regime – and that’s exactly what they got. So here we are, inevitably.

2 Responses to “British Shame And The IMF”

  1. I thought the IMF was for banana repulblics, hence we shall be next.

  2. Nahh, the IMF is only for those countries with dimishing freedoms and rising debts … oh bugger.