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By Pete Moore On April 14th, 2021

One was a veteran who was deliberately shot for trespassing on government property.

One faced a warrant for prior charges of armed robbery when accidentally shot while seeking to escape arrest.

Guess which cop has been charged?


  1. Babbit was a freak who attacked the nation’s heart in an effort to overturn the election. There is no need to drag her into the discussion of what went down in Minnesota.

    It was entirely wrong to charge the cop in Minnesota. Errors are not crimes in any decent society. I’ve said that here a number of times before.

    This cop was charged to appease the filthy, violent mob, and for no other purpose.

  2. The ME ruled her death a Homicide, now I believe it was a justified shooting but the fact that the day after it being ruled a homicide for it to be announced that the officer won’t be charged….

    that’s called two tier Justice, but you don’t care about that it was just some rightwing loon that was MURDERED (according yo the ME) so the fact that a death ruled as a Homicide is just brushed away with no hearing, no trial, no jury… shoot that’s just fine she deserved to be murdered and those defending Democrats can murder without even facing a trial.

    Phantoms idea of Justice equally served.

  3. D.C. medical examiner reases cause of death for four people …www.washingtonpost.com › public-safety › 2021/04/07
    7 days ago — In Babbitt’s death, the medical examiner ruled that the police officer’s bullet killed her and that the manner was homicide. That does not mean …

    D.C. police, which investigate all deaths in the District, led the inquiry into Babbitt’s shooting. A department spokesman said the investigation has been turned over to the U.S. attorney’s office in D.C., which will decide whether the officer who fired should face criminal charges.

    A Political Decision….

  4. You may want to research further as to what the term homicide means.

    You don’t have a trial and a jury for a justified homicide.

    You guys watch way to much TV, and think that every act results in an OJ trial with the rotted corpse of Johnnie Cochran.

  5. Phantom the Woman was unarmed and killed the death was ruled a Homicide, and yes not every Homicide is a Murder, but EVERY Homicide by an Officer of the Law requires a Hearing.

    There has been no hearing.

    You know it’s people like you that if the nation does descend into a violent revolt you and people like you will be a large part of the reason.

    I believe it was a justified shoot, but the case was taken over by the DOJ and Due Process has not been followed.

    You, the Democrats, and idiots like you have created a two tier Justice system.

    When a Nation has a two tier Justice system it ALWAYS ends in violence.

    Here is the difference this Cop whose Name we don’t know, whose picture we’ve never seen won’t be charged and will never even face scrutiny. While an officer who did everything right had his hearing, has his name in a 100 papers and USA TODAY even had his picture on their frontpage because the person killed in that case was a black Democrat.

    Rusten Sheskey, Kenosha officer who shot Jacob Blake …www.washingtonpost.com › nation › 2021/04/14 › ken…
    11 hours ago — Kenosha officer Rusten Sheskey returned to work on March 31 after … who shot Jacob Blake last year, has returned to duty after being cleared of … the Minneapolis police officer charged with murder in George Floyd’s death.

    You think that’s equal Justice?

  6. You are quite the legal expert.

    In recent days, you’ve pronounced from on high on federal, state, and even on Canadian law ( re the asshole pastor who yelled at the cops ) Perhaps you can soon speak on how the International Criminal Court in the Hague ought to function.

  7. that’s avoidance skippy….

    You know I’m right… wait I take that back as with most things you really don’t know anything about much at all what’s right never plays into anything you have to say…

    What you do know is that what I state above makes perfect sense, but you can’t argue or debate the issue on the substance. All you can do is attack the person who shows you for the fool you are.

  8. I think Babbit’s killing deserves at least a hearing. Her crime was trespassing after all.

  9. It was not mere ” trespassing “.

    That is a complete misrepresentation of what she and the other rioters were doing that day.

    Very surprised to hear it described as that by you.

  10. It was trespassing. She did not “attack the nation’s heart”, which is overwrought hyperbole and the kind of propaganda pumped out by Democrats and the NYT.

  11. how do you know what they were doing…. were you there?

    Was there a hearing to discuss and review the facts…. oh wait I know CNN & the NYTs told you…. we need no stinkin hearing… A righty broke a window and trespassed… KILL HER!

  12. Anyway PVR, are Monica and you over the Yellow Peril now?

  13. I am happy to report that I was not in Washington DC on January 6.

    I think that some of the honorable gentlemen have a deep sympathy or even support for her activities.

    Let’s here some more legal rulings from the Chief Justice of Blogtown.

  14. It was trespassing.


    If it had been a BLM incursion on 6 January with exactly the same level of violence you can bet your last cent that Pete and Patrick would be demanding capital punishment all-round for insurrection. The double-standard never ceases to amaze. The fact is that Babbit is regarded as a Patriot Martyr by many GOP supporters.

    On the legal point, does the USA not have inquests into deaths like this? If this had happened in the UK there would be an inquest which would start as soon as it was clear that no prosecution was going to follow. Then there would be a full hearing with witnesses and a verdict from the coroner such as death by misadventure, or an open verdict which would leave murder / manslaughter as a possiblity, just not proven.

  15. The criticisms of the riot from MAGAs has not been universal

    Not at all

    And even those who did criticize it mostly stopped talking about it as soon as they possibly could

  16. Peter –

    If it had been a BLM incursion on 6 January with exactly the same level of violence you can bet your last cent that Pete and Patrick would be demanding capital punishment all-round for insurrection.

    These last few decades of increasing leftist hegemony have seen multiple insurrections at multiple US capitols by BLM, Antifa, pro-abortionists et al, yet PVR and I have not demanded capital punishment.

    Your charge is dismissed.

  17. These last few decades of increasing leftist hegemony have seen multiple insurrections at multiple US capitols by BLM, Antifa, pro-abortionists et al

    But all of the capitol insurrections in 2020 were Trumpist insurrections, culminating in Washington on 6 January 2021 when the mob of insurrectionists Trumpist Patriots attempted to reverse the “stolen” election and keep Trump in office.

  18. No… what you are witnessing is what is going on in the USA right now…

    There was a riot on Jan 6th less than $10,000 worth of Damages a broken window and a few missing Laptops…. BUT IT WAS trump voters SO IT’S sedition AND treason AND DOWN RIGHT REVOLUTION…

    All Summer we had riots that caused BILLIONS of Dollars of Damages SEVERAL Federal buildings were lit on fire with People in them, Cops and Civilians were MURDERED at least 100 of the rioters were arrested multiple times in multiple cites (the same people).

    Except these were Biden Voters. These were ALL supported by the Democrat Party. The Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris even set up a Fund to Bail Them out giving $10,000 of her own money….

    Yet the riot on the 6th is the worse of the two.

    The Democrats, the Press, and people like Phantom Celebrate the Death of this woman and lie about a cop that died the next day. They Built a fence with Constantine wire and illegally used the surveillance network to track EVERY PERSON AT THE RALLY WHETHER THEY TRESSPASSED OR NOT…. that’s a civil rights violation. but hey they’re Trump supporters they don’t deserve rights….

    They are censoring speech…. they are trying to prosecute people for having a different opinion. It’s ok to destroy the life of a Cop who shot a Felon the cop was cleared of any wrong doing his life however gets destroyed, but we can’t have a hearing about the Homicide of an Unarmed Vet and Mother for the crime of Trespassing. Can’t even know that cops name.

    Phantom is a good example, he really believes that this the way these events should be viewed. And if you oppose his view, the view of the Press, the view of the Democrats you should sit down and shut up and if you don’t… you should be shut up and prosecuted.

    They think the 30-60 million people that disagree with them need to just go away, but we aren’t. What they both fear and hope for is that we’ll start shooting so they have a legitimate excuse to try and take our guns.

    Except we are not doing that, no instead the pressure is just building.

    People who work 40hrs a week trying to raise a family have been locked in their homes, forbidden from even going to church. They’re kids have been forbidden from going to school, Bills aren’t getting paid, businesses have gone bankrupt children are committing suicide.

    And while this is going on we watch Democrats burn, loot, and murder while their leaders defund the Police.

    No the US is on the verge of a catastrophe and people like Phantom not only don’t they see it but they are the cause.

    It’s going to get very ugly at some point.

  19. There was a riot on Jan 6th less than $10,000 worth of Damages a broken window and a few missing Laptops….

    And five deaths, why did you leave that out? Because your guys were responsible?

    You have a point about the BLM riots last year, they got off too lightly. But you are using that to justify what happened in Washington on 6 January.

  20. Remember how upset our little buddy got when we discussed officer Sicknick?

    Notice how none of the MAGA ever mention the two police officers who took their own lives immediately after the riot, After they had been abused by the Trumper sons of bitches?

    You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs as what they all say

    And we recall all the many comments over the years about how “the people “have the right to rise up against the tyranny

    Guess who they think “ the people “ are?

  21. Peter lets list those deaths shall we….

    Dr. Francisco Diaz, the district’s chief medical examiner, announced the causes of deaths as:

    • Ashli Babbitt, 35, died by homicide from a gunshot to the left shoulder. She was shot by a Capitol police officer while trying to climb through a door near the House chamber.

    • Kevin Greeson, 55, died of natural causes from cardiovascular disease. Greeson, of Athens, Alabama, had a Twitter account in which he supported former President Donald Trump and profanely denounced his opponents.

    • Benjamin Phillips, 50, died of natural causes from cardiovascular disease. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Phillips of Ringtown, Pennsylvania, was a computer programmer who founded a social media website for Trump supporters. He had organized a trip of several dozen people to the district.

    • Roseanne Boyland, 34, died by accident from acute amphetamine intoxication. Boyland, of Georgia, wanted to be a sobriety counselor and followed QAnon conspiracies, her family said.

    And one cop that died the next day whose wife they refused to even tell what the cause of death was…

    But you rant and rave like an idiot… you’d fit right in with Phantom and Nancy Pelosi for cocktails and lies….

    but No it’s Sedition, Treason, Revolution….. all the murdered cops and civilians, the Billions in damages that was ok though…..

    Thank you for being proof that Phantom is not the only fool.

  22. Phantom

    Over 200 cops commit suicide every year….. Did you know that? NO

    Do you care? NO

    So tell us Phantom what happened on January 6th at the Capital that caused 2 Police Officers to take their lives?

    Please tell us what you know…. for a cop to kill themselves either it built up over a long period or they were involved in something terrible like cleaning the body of an infant off the walls of a microwave…. so what was it that happened on the 6th that caused 2 cops with over ten years a piece on the 2 police forces to over the next 5 days put their guns in their mouths and blow the back of their heads off?

    Oh people without weapons broke into the capital that’s right and that act was so horrible 2 men blew their brains out…. it’s Trumps fault….

    FU idiot.

  23. Dr. Francisco Diaz, the district’s chief medical examiner, announced the causes of deaths as:

    The main cause was the riot that day. No Trumpist riot, no deaths. Agreed?

    Nah, thought not.

  24. your a fool

  25. Ashli Babbitt, 35, died by homicide from a gunshot to the left shoulder. She was shot by a Capitol police officer while trying to climb through a door near the House chamber.

    Most of the GOP base now regard her as a Patriot Martyr who was murdered in cold blood by a deep state operative. Can you confirm that you still believe what you posted that day, that she got what she deserved. Or are you now on board with the GOP base and the Patriot Martyr myth?

  26. I said in this thread Peter that it was a Justified shoot. I also said that does not exclude him from a public hearing.

  27. Agreed Patrick.

    I assume that public hearing in the USA = inquest in the UK? As in a coroner and witnesses under oath etc.

  28. oh nothing to say about that huh…. (my apology for that line is below)

    The Officer was given orders “No one gets through that door” he followed his orders. They were breaching the inner chamber where the representatives were. The Capital Police exist as a Private police force inside the Boundaries of the US Capital. They fall under Federal Control. They are the only Police Force in the Nation that are not under the control of a Local Mayor or Local elected council. The Capital Police work for The Speaker of the House.

    and I’m not saying that Nancy said shoot her, like any Federal Compound there are areas where if you breach the use of deadly force is authorized, she crossed that line and justifiably was killed.

    There still should have been a public hearing. The case was being investigated by the DC Metro Police the REAL Police Force.

    To avoid a hearing and due process the investigation was ordered by the Federal Government turned over to the DOJ where it was summarily dismissed…

    The Officer did nothing wrong, he did his job, there isn’t a legitimate court that would convict him, but instead of following THE LAW it was just dismissed. No hearing… No Trial.

    No Laws were followed… it was “Fixed” and there was no need for it to be fixed. By fixing it they have thrown gasoline on a fire which could have been put out with a trial.

    With the two sets of Laws that are now being imposed on the country what do you think the effect will be?

  29. sorry I was eating and doing other things while I typed you commented while I was still writing….

    I assume that public hearing in the USA = inquest in the UK? As in a coroner and witnesses under oath etc.


  30. Why should anyone speak of putting someone who did nothing wrong on trial?

  31. Phantom a cop shot an unarmed woman….. even if she was about to throw a baby off a roof there has to be a hearing.

    A Person’s life was taken now you may believe that because she was a Trump supporter she deserved to die, but the civilized human beings in this country don’t believe a cop killing ANY unarmed person should be swept under the rug.

  32. You used the word ” trial ” and ” jury ” – the mask slipped – what you’d really like to do to the officer concerned.

    She was a rioter, accompanied by a large number of fellow rioters, all who were in the act of committing a violent insurrection at that exact time, for the express purpose of overturning a presidential election which was being ratified at the time of the riot.

    Nothing was swept under the rug. You guys are ” just asking questions “. Fooling nobody on the face of the earth.

  33. yes trial… jury…. judge…. in America that is a court… he took a woman’s life you jackass.

    Did he do his Job yes and the woman deserved to die, because she made herself an imminent threat.

    Your sitting there and you have the gall to say that I want to see a Cop Prosecuted, A COP UNJUSTLY PUNISHED….. MY MASKED SLIPPED…..

    You know what Tom seek help, you seriously need to find a psychiatric professional to talk to. You were once a reasonable intelligent man. You were always an arrogantly elitist ass, but you could hold an intelligent conversation whether we agreed or disagreed.

    Then Trump got elected and you seriously have lost your mind, the foam at the mouth hate that you display for Trump is fun and enjoyable, but when you accuse ME of wanting cops persecuted…. I must honestly question your cognitive capacity…

    You can doubt my understanding of the law and I guess in spite of everything I’ve said for twenty years about following the Rule of Law you could question my following it to the letter if you choose…

    but dude if you seriously think that all of a sudden me I’m not going to back the cop on this you really do need mental help.

    I have no doubts how a trial will turn out the officer deserves a medal he was given orders no one gets through until everyone is out. A body came through the door window and without hesitation it was dropped…. That officer did his job period.

    She breached the inner defense perimeter of congress in the middle of a riot, she was an imminent threat… no one else went through that door.

    Her death was a justified shoot, period.

    You still follow Policy and Procedure. A Cop shot an unarmed civilian inside the Capital of the United States.

    You don’t classify the details you hold them up to the public and they will accept the truth. No one should have stepped foot into the capital, period let alone breaching the inner chambers. Everyone should be prosecuted to the max and it’s a shame the girl died but her own actions caused her death…

    Your judgement on a lot of the current events in my view has been way off and not just by a political stance but one of anger.

    Anger and hate are only short term tools you can’t live them. You may want to give that some serious thought.

  34. Patrick, control yourself. Real men temper their emotions.

  35. Being on trial for murder or manslaughter would be an incredibly stressful, damaging thing for any person, and for their family.

    In the case of the Babbit shooting, no moral person could ever want to consider the possibility of such a manifestly unjust, damaging, political trial, undertaken to placate the mob, against the interest of justice.

    There were I believe 990 or so fatal shootings by police in the past year. There were not 990 ” trials ” with ” juries “.

    All this talk results from moral and intellectual confusion…and in my opinion, a certain amount of sympathy for those involved in the events of January 6, know it or not.

  36. I will again ask Pete Moore – and the other MAGAs or former MAGAS or back in the fold MAGAS

    Was the attack on the Capitol in any way understandable or justified?

    You’ve had more than three months to gather your thoughts. Maybe you can ask ” Tucker ” what you should say.

  37. A Unarmed Civilian was killed by a Cop you have to have a Hearing….. Ask Chauvin, or ask Officer Kim Potter….

    Petr real men aren’t ashamed to show emotion.

  38. An unarmed civilian who was rampaging at the center of government in attempt at a putsch as part of a huge gang of wilding rioters

  39. makes no difference skippy…. but you keep applying those double standards on the Law…

    it fits you.

  40. Phantom –

    Yet again I will answer your question even though you never answer questions.

    No, of course the aggravated trespass was not justified. They crossed a line, but a lot of injustice has come out of that day, including posts like yours which defamed your compatriots with the lie that they killed Officer Brian Sicknik.

    No-one deserved to lose their lives and Ashli Babbit’s killing was gross overreach.

    Most of the trespassers were wide-mouthed and overly excited. They pushed forward and walked though open doors. Many have been arrested, most of them were non-violent and none have been bailed. Normal Americans, mothers and fathers, are facing decades behind bars because they got a bit excited and caught up in the moment.

    That’s what Third World goons do to political enemies. You voted for the regime which has now brought it to the US and you are looking quite exultant.

    You, Sir, are failing in your duties as an American.

  41. The January 6 Trumpers tazed officers, Sprayed bear spray on them, called out to kill the police with their own guns

    The Capitol police force still show that officer sickNick was killed in the line of duty on January 6

    But of course the usual suspects don’t wanna talk about any of that they get enraged when it comes up

    They pretend that the January 6 Trumpers Didn’t intend to arrest and execute members of Congress and vice president Mike Pence. Pretend not to know about the gallows that had been erected in front of the building

    January 6 is a day that will go down in infamy. And no spin doctoring and selective memory will change that


  42. “They pretend that the January 6 Trumpers Didn’t intend to arrest and execute members of Congress and vice president Mike Pence.”

    Jesus, the FBI has debunked this media lie. There’s not a shred of evidence to substantiate these wild claims.

    Stop repeating lies. I’ve told you previously that this is a lie yet here you are again repeating it.

    You’ve been radicalised man. Stop reading those extremist newspapers and come back to Planet Earth.

  43. So that guy didn’t Enter the capitol with a large supply of zip ties?

    No one chanted hang Mike Pence?

    And they didn’t erected Gallows in front of the capital building?

    When did the FBI say that

    Those videos of Trumpers attacking police are just actors from Sandy Hook?

  44. Biden voters this Summer assassinated several cops and threw bricks and Molotov cocktails at them in YOUR city…. but that’s ok to you Phantom.

  45. I condemned them at the time. Loudly.

    So much so that some here moaned that I was focusing on it too much.

    But the Pete and Pat MAGA horse foot stomp ballet is quite marvelous. When Broadway opens up, you can do a two man show for the entertainment of the tourists.

  46. “So much so that some here moaned that I was focusing on it too much.”

    You hardly mentioned it, and then you voted for them.

  47. Shush, Pat 2.0.

  48. Phantom keep dancing….. you need practice.

  49. Phantom has a point.

    It is that Ashli Babbit, a small, unarmed middle aged woman, posed a lethal threat to the large male officer who shot her and to the very existence of the United States itself, which was on the verge of toppling that day.

    It’s a partisan, bullshit point without reason, humanity or the slightest justification.