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By Pete Moore On April 15th, 2021

Today we have the CNN rules of racist reporting: when blacks attack Orientals we cover up for the blacks, we mention white shooters but not black shooters, and we’re trying to help BLM.

Oh boy, when they think they’re off the record these lefty story tellers confirm everything conservatives have long been saying.

4 Responses to “CNN: “WE’RE BACKING BLACK””

  1. Unfortunately not a surprise.

    If that’s a real tape, the CNN guy is not only hugely immoral, but he’s a stupid idiot for saying wicked things like that aloud.

  2. This is a huge get. “Everyone knows CNN does this” is not a valid criticism of the network because evidence matters.

    These tapes are a smoking gun.

  3. But most of the media won’t even show this

    I wonder how much Conservative media will show it

  4. Twitter has suspended the account!

    https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII founded Project Veritas and was posting these tapes. Now his account has been suspended.

    They smear what they fear. They censor the truth. He did nothing to earn a suspension. He simply allowed a CNN Director to reveal what they do.

    Soviet censors were no different, no different at all.