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By Pete Moore On April 15th, 2021

The BBC has confirmed it received 109,741 complaints from the public over its coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

The corporation cleared its schedules to cover the news when Prince Philip died on Friday, at the age of 99.

What a bunch of losers. The BBC actually still does these things very well, when it allows the adults to take over from the social justice warriors. Devoting its entire broadcasting schedule to the news and reaction to the death of His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was proportionate and called for.

But now we know of 109,741 people out there who should have their hard drives checked.


  1. It is right and correct that the schedules for BBC 1 as the main channel were devoted to the news and tributes, but there was no need to repeat the same broadcast on BBC2 and to take BBC 4 offline completely. That was overkill. Those who wanted to watch Philip coverage had BBC 1 all day and into the late evening. Those viewers ( licence payers) not interested should have been able to watch regular programming on BBC two and four.

  2. There was absolutely no need for the BBC to devote every tv and radio channel to this from the moment of the death being announced. But that’s what happened. I was listening to Radio 3 and at 12.10 PM they interrupted the programme to announce the death. And then launched into all the prepared stuff about the Duke’s life and times. And it was identical output on all five radio channels. And the four tv channels as well.

    But of course this was not enough for the BBC’s right-wing enemies. Because the corporation also provided an online form for complaints about the output that day and the record number of 109,000 used it. And for providing that facility the BBC has been damned by the usual Rightard haters.

  3. You have private TV and radio stations of course

    Did they have some normal programming?

  4. Phantom

    Yes there were many commercial Channels that didn’t interrupt their schedules but the BBC didn’t have to do as Peter and I mentioned. Yes they are the State broadcaster but as they are funded by individual viewers paying a licence fee and they offer numerous tv and radio channels they should and could have acknowledged not every viewer and listener wanted endless royal coverage.

  5. Even as a state broadcaster, having every channel showing the one thing is a bit silly, today.

    It’s almost North Korea like.

  6. Thew BBC seems to have got the message. The funeral tomorrow will be on its news channel and BBC1 only. ITV and Sky will also provide coverage.


  7. I would not think that the change is anti-monarchy

  8. Of course it’s not, but two BBC channels to cover the funeral is plenty and would have been plenty to cover the death last Friday.

  9. I will assume the U.K. channel 5 will not have much interest in the funeral of Prince Phillip?

    Jeremy Vine is blasted for turning Prince Philip’s funeral into ‘race issue’ by pointing out that all the guests are white


  10. I watched Jeremy Vine and saw how he posed that question. It wasn’t done in an ‘outraged’ way. It was just his attempt to prompt a discussion with the panel. Jeremy is alright 😉

  11. Jeremy Vine is a shallow simpleton stealing a fat living.

    The idea of even thinking about the colour of funeral mourners shows just how deep Marxist critical theory has soaked into the culture.

    Every one of our ancestors would have been bemused by it.

  12. //Jeremy is alright 😉//

    Jeremy is also all white.

    It might make him sick to the stomach, but even being white is a person of colour.

    White privilege, and all that.

    Liberalism, the plague of the 21st century.

  13. You both I presume didn’t watch this programme. It wasn’t at all how you imagine.

  14. Oh no…

    Not white. Any colour you wish for, but not …white.

    The absolute horror of the very thought is simply too horrendous for the average lefty to even contemplate.

    I have absolutely no idea if that asteroid is about to hit planet earth, but I do know it can’t hit quick enough.

  15. Why do you guys waste your time watching crap daytime tv? Especially if it just puts you into a rage.

  16. //Colm, on April 16th, 2021 at 7:29 PM Said:
    You both I presume didn’t watch this programme. It wasn’t at all how you imagine.//

    I never also, in my wildest imagination, thought we would ever be concerned about the colour of someone’s skin attending the funeral of a family member.

    But, here we are.

    If that is liberal progress, thanks for the offer, but you can shove it.

    Again, liberal progression, the plague of the 21st century.

    Liberalism is not a progressive movement, it’s an illness.

  17. Peter.


  18. 🙂

  19. Harri

    Nobody was concerned. Jeremy mentioned it in a tongue-in-cheek way to try and get a rise out of an Asian woman guest on the programme, but she was fine about it. Jeremy agreed and there was no problem with it. It was just part of the banter of the discussion.

  20. Which of our English friends will be going to the reopened pubs soon?

  21. Colm.

    I agree, nobody, nobody normal that is, was concerned in the slightest what colour skin anyone was born with attending a funeral of a lost loved member of their family.

    Even to attempt to get a rise out of someone in an interview.

    Would you agree, Jeremy Vine is simply a self-loathing white privileged racist bigot?

    Colm, do you believe Jeremy Vine would have mentioned the colour if someone’s skin if the family member who died had been black, or brown, and all the mourners would have been black or brown?

    Precisely. No, it would not have even entered his self-righteous thought pattern.

    Colm, again. Would you agree Jeremy Vine is a closet lefty bigot and racist?.

    And a cheap one at that?

  22. Phantom.


    Times have changed my friend.

    A whole bottle of very decent red (three quarters of a litre) for £6 at home, or a small glass of house red (125ml) which tastes like vinegar for £5.99 at the pub.

    If the smoking ban did not finish the pubs off, the lockdowns most certainly will.

  23. Harri

    I don’t agree. But you won’t be convinced.

  24. But the vibe of a solid pub is as important as whatever is served there.

    I will be at an Irish pub in Manhattan later today.

  25. Phantom

    Pubs aren’t really open yet. You can only be served outside and we are having a very chilly April here at the moment. Yes the drinks are expensive in pubs but they remain necessary social venues. I will wait until Mid May when we can go inside the pubs and leave being outside to summer.