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By Pete Moore On April 15th, 2021

If President Biden sticks to his promise to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by 11th September the Taliban will have won. They will have won simply because they prevailed. As in Vietnam, the locals only have to stick around but one day you will have to go home. Everyone who has ever invaded Afghanistan found that out. That the US political establishment did not know it, including many in the media, academia and think tanks, represents possibly Washington’s greatest ever failure.

Over two decades trillions has been wasted and thousands of lives lost. And when the troops pull out the same old civil war, which the invasion interrupted, will carry on. The Taliban will win it and and all that blood and treasure will have bought nothing, because the country will be right where it was 20 years ago, in the 7th-Century.

17 Responses to “THE TALIBAN PREVAILS”

  1. A succinct and accurate summary of the efficacy of foreign interventions in that most harsh and unyielding country.

  2. bull…. a couple of things.

    The last Troop was scheduled to be out of Afghanistan as of May 1st 2021, President Biden delayed that date till 9/11 the 20th anniversary for a PR stunt look at me I’m ending the War.

    No Joe you just committed our troops to additional months ANY American deaths from Now until 9/11 will be casualties in the name of Joe’s EGO.

    As for Afghanistan those cave dwelling hillbillies have been killed by the millions for over 3000 years and after every army wastes their time and a lot Afghanis the inbred cave dwellers still remain the same…..

  3. Now all of a sudden timelines are important

  4. Well for someone who claimed everything Obama did was because he was tied to Bush’s timeline it’s mighty Liberal of you to excuse Biden from following the Trump timelines that he negotiated.

    So tell us how come you have a double standard on timelines?

  5. Knew that the spin doctors would find some way to turn the pullout against Biden.

    They stay up 25 hours a day thinking this up.

    Maybe you can find a way to blame Obama and Hillary for this.

    The warmongers are all for pullouts. Now.

    And I don’t think that Trump negotiated anything here. If there was an agreement with the Afghan government, an equivalent of the SOFA agreement that Bush agreed to with Iraq, I have not seen or heard of it.

  6. Vietnam MK II

    454 British forces personnel or MOD civilians have died while serving in Afghanistan.

    For what exactly?

  7. Truth hurts don’t it Phantom…..

    US President Joe Biden delays Afghanistan troop withdrawal …
    1 day ago · The Trump administration and the Taliban had set a May 1 deadline for a full withdrawal.

  8. Harri –

    Tont Blair still pops up to give us his opinion of Brexit and vaccines and whatever. Any journalist with an ounce of probity would ask him about Afghanistan, but none ever do so. They are worthless.

  9. Trump negotiated withdrawal with the terrorist group that is the Taliban, the group that gave Al Queda the base that they used to plan 9/11.

    Not with our ally, the elected government of Afghanistan.

  10. sure skippy, it’s amazing how you can reverse your excuses that you gave Obama for support to now give Biden support as he does the opposit of what you swore had to be followed before..

  11. Pete.

    In reality, Afghanistan was about as much a threat to the world as Italy, or Borneo.

  12. We turn the keys to the country back to the country that gave Al Queda a sanctuary, until 2001/2002.

    Libs and so called conservatives stand up and giggle.

    Some say we should have done it sooner.

    What could go wrong.

  13. Phantom –

    You oppose any withdrawal?

  14. I do not oppose this withdrawal. I don’t want forever wars.

    But I have grave reservations about what is in play.

    The Afghan government should have been party to any such talks.

    I think that both Trump and Biden sold out an elected government and ally in this entire process, by elevating the friends of Al Queda to a more respected position than the Afghan government. Imperfect as they are, they are our ally.

    It’s dangerous to be America’s enemy, it is more dangerous to be America’s friend.

  15. Kabul has had 20 years, a trillion dollars and thousands of American and British military, security and police trainers, and it still hasn’t got its shit together. That’s because the entire country is a corrupt, backward, violent, 7th-Century craphole.

    It is a country beyond help or redemption. There is no right time to leave it beyond right now.

  16. There is truth to that.

    The majority there likely oppose the Taliban, but the Taliban will fight and others will not.

    So, it’s another thousand years of slavery for most.

  17. because the country will be right where it was 20 years ago, in the 7th-Century.

    That’s harsh Pete. Surely you mean 17th century?