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Berlin, 1933.

By ATWadmin On April 4th, 2009


“The Metropolitan Police is telling residents and workers near the ExCeL conference centre, where G20 leaders will meet, that they will need two forms of ID, one photographic and one linked to their residence or place of business, to get through barriers. A spokesman for Scotland Yard said there was no legal basis for the request, but that people would get through barriers more quickly if they had the two forms of identification.”

Does this statement, given as an answer to a question as to the legality of the request, give readers any inclination as to how far our Police Services have wandered marched towards the great goal of Orwellian-style Government-by-Decree.

Whilst I have very little time for the ideals of those protesting at the G20 abortion which passed for an international conference, I still believe that we do still have the right to protest, and the more that right is exercised, the healthier our Democracy is! So when I see and read statements such as this truly disgusting reply, I am truly worried that it would only take a little push, and the whole avalanche of illiberal laws which have exuded themselves out of Westminster during the last twelve years of Labour misrule will come crashing down upon a largely-unsuspecting British public. Unsuspecting because, in this Nation of ours, the only thing ruling is APATHY!

5 Responses to “Berlin, 1933.”

  1. Well said Mike. This government has been shameless in its attack on civil liberties.

    The question is will the Tories be any better when they take over next year? The big test will be if they scrap the monstrous identity card scheme. My bet is they won’t.

  2. In a city where there is a continuing and sophisticated threat from internal and external enemies ranging from the anarchist / squatter " get a life "crowd to the fine people who brought you 7/7, I would like to know what –exactly and precisely –you would have had the police do

    This sounds like the " tax is theft " bullshit. This is the real world the last time I looked around, and there are any number of very bad people in it.

  3. Phantom –

    But there’s not really a threat from any domestic anarchist/squatter "get a life" crowd, unless threat to public hygiene is now a reason to abolish liberties.

    Now Mike Cunningham has it spot on in my view. I’d have walked straight through any police line keeping me from my home. I live in England, not North Korea, and the police exist to serve me, not ask me for my papers.

    An old fashioned view, I know, but we need a bit more of that in my view.

  4. The anarchists are very good at destroying property and if the police were not wearing protective gear they’d be harming them too.

    But they also serve as a good protective sea for others ( homegrown or foreign terrorists ) to swim in.

    This remains a very dangerous time, and I am going to cut your police and mine a fair degree of slack on things like this.

  5. Why should the lives of innocent law abiding citizens be disrupted in such a manner just so that a bunch of fat cats can enjoy their high life style junket? Funded of course by those selfsame people whose lives they carelessly upset.