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By Pete Moore On April 19th, 2021

We’ve all been there …

An irate pub landlord in Bath threw Keith Starmer out today because of Starmer’s support for killing the economy. That was after he was horribly manhandled by one of Starmer’s henchmen. I know some landlords who’d have been windmilling at that point. Chucking politicians out of pubs should be our national sport.

(If I were Boris I’d pop in tomorrow.)

3 Responses to ““GET OUT OF MY PUB!””

  1. Every single time these out of touch, privileged oafs meet someone where the clown show is not staged, it always ends in tears.

    That pub landlord can at least be rest assured, there are many, many people ( me being one of them) who hold the likes of Starmer the pointless, in far greater contempt than he could ever imagine.

  2. Why has Starmer not got a mask on?

    Has he got a death wish or something?

    I mean with this virus, it has a full recovery rate of 99.54%, jeez, you can’t be too careful.

  3. Well, that worked out well for the vastly overpaid, out of touch inexperienced useful idiot Labour Spads.

    Hmmm, Pub Landlord, Lifelong Labour supporter, political picture opportunity to fool the saps, what could possibly go wrong.

    Well, lots actually, the modern day Labour Party make the Monster Raving Looney Party appear sane.

    I think people are starting to actually sit up and take notice.