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Man Utd fans broke into Old Trafford before their match with Liverpool today and got onto the pitch. It’s fair to say they’re the ugliest scenes at Old Trafford since the Neville brothers were playing. The outcome is that one of the biggest games in the world is postponed.

Although the European League has been shelved fans have got a taste for protest and some (at Arsenal and Man Utd especially) want their absent club owners gone. This isn’t the way to do it. It was largely peaceful but some yahoos get too excited in the moment. It’s a criminal act to go onto a professional football pitch uninvited. All stadiums are full of CCTV so most of this lot will be identified. The 6.00am knock will be heard all across Kent and Surrey in the coming days. I sympathise with their cause, but when you put a toe over the line you shed any moral justification.

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  1. Pete

    Exactly right

    There were some fan protests on the field here after the 1994 major league baseball strike, but they were light- hearted and the protesters quickly left the field voluntarily

    You can’t have what you saw in Manchester. It’s a bit stupid too, esp as the fans have prevailed, for now anyway

  2. So, and a tip of the hat to Old Holborn.

    This is where paying £80 for a polyester, made in China, official club football shirt gets you.

    It makes them think they own the club.


  3. The protest was justified but of course the violence wasn’t. And it won’t matter a jot to the super-greedy Glazers who loaded the club with debt in order to buy it and have extraceted billions in interest charges, bonuses and dividends ever since. And will continue to do so until they get an offer they cannot refuse, probably from the Saudis.

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