9 6 mths


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9 thoughts on “Today’s Funny

  1. They are a little out of hand but now that the vaccination rate is catching up the fatality rate is dropping

    In Manitoba things never really got stupid out of hand but they were on the edge

  2. every country the world over has its morons, in some countries the are in the government, in some countries they oppose the government and in some countries they are mercilessly ground down under the boot of the government and go into hiding

  3. every country the world over has its morons….. both of you need to look in the mirror.

  4. North Korea doesn’t have any morons, just a happy and adoring population basking in the glorious rule of their dear leaders 🙄

  5. North Korean true believers and remaining Trump supporters are basically the same thing. Whatever the boss says, they say that it’s perfect.

    Perfect call, perfect speech, perfect policy. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

    Anyone who disagrees with the dear leader however slightly is a traitor, a loser.

    I’d like to propose a new Trans Pacific Partnership – the merging of the US Republican Party and the North Korean Communist Party, the two most similar political parties on the face of the earth.

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