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The UNION not Science set the guidelines It’s all a Fraud

By Patrick Van Roy On May 4th, 2021

Follow the Science…. but that is NOT what they did, they followed the demands of the Teachers Union.

A series of emails between the CDC. The White House, and the Teachers Union set the Guidelines to make it impossible for students to go back to school in all major population centers. The UNION dictated the terms NOT science.

The CDC, Dr Fauci, The White House have lied, and now they have been caught.

Not one thing these conmen have said about this disease is true. It is a Bad Virus that has killed a lot of the Elderly and a few with preexisting conditions, but NOT ONE of their mitigation tactics is based on anything but CONTROL.



5 Responses to “The UNION not Science set the guidelines It’s all a Fraud”

  1. The major cricket league in India has suspended play due to the virus.

    Obviously a conspiracy to prevent Trump from being elected.

    Arrest Fauci.

  2. The teachers unions have not had a good pandemic in either the US or UK. They have been generally obstructive and apparently unconcerned about the damage done to children’s futures. No doubt there are many conscientious teachers who tried their best with remote lessons, but for underpriveleged pupils without computers and supportive parents it has been a learning disaster which will blight their lives for years.

    In the UK the situation was made much worse by an incompetent clown of an education secretary who should have been sacked at least twice, but remarkably is still in post and still creating havoc.

  3. Peter thank you… no matter our disagreements on some topics you prove over and over that you are an observant thinking man.

    Phantom you miss the point….. yes the disease is deadly yes it kills people which actually makes what this shows even worse.

    If the AFT could influence and dictate in this instance it means the CDC is not holding itself to scientific methodology alone and can and has been influenced by politics….

    They now have zero credibility.

    I don’t say that to rub anything in or to prove whether or not someone should wear a mask. I say it because the CDC just destroyed it’s own credibility in the eyes of the american public and that is a very bad thing. Now if they do say you should do this, or not do that the idiots and those with an agenda can point to the fact that the politics can influence them… no this is a disaster

  4. You don’t speak for the American public

    There’s a miserable and sizable minority of know nothings who make a lifetime of “ just asking questions “ and quarreling and opposing any sacrifice on their own part but they’re not the American public.

    And yes the teachers unions, including in NYC are a disgrace. They protect the lazy and incompetent, and they have no regard for the interests of the students

  5. Thanks Patrick. Here is a shameful example of “progressives” keeping schools closed when the scientific advice is that they can safely be open. And in this case the teachers union is only part of the problem:

    “In practice, though, progressives don’t always agree on what prudent policy looks like. Consider the experience of Somerville, Massachusetts, the kind of community where residents proudly display rainbow yard signs declaring In this house … we believe science is real. In the 2016 Democratic primary, 57 percent of voters there supported Bernie Sanders, and this year the Democratic Socialists of America have a shot at taking over the city council. As towns around Somerville began going back to in-person school in the fall, Mayor Joseph Curtatone and other Somerville leaders delayed a return to in-person learning. A group of moms—including scientists, pediatricians, and doctors treating COVID-19 patients—began to feel frustrated that Somerville schools weren’t welcoming back students. They considered themselves progressive and believed that they understood teachers’ worries about getting sick. But they saw the city’s proposed safety measures as nonsensical and unscientific—a sort of hygiene theater that prioritized the appearance of protection over getting kids back to their classrooms.

    With Somerville kids still at home, contractors conducted in-depth assessments of the city’s school buildings, leading to proposals that included extensive HVAC-system overhauls and the installation of UV-sterilization units and even automatic toilet flushers—renovations with a proposed budget of $7.5 million. The mayor told me that supply-chain delays and protracted negotiations with the local teachers’ union slowed the reopening process. “No one wanted to get kids back to school more than me … It’s people needing to feel safe,” he said. “We want to make sure that we’re eliminating any risk of transmission from person to person in schools and carrying that risk over to the community.”

    Months slipped by, and evidence mounted that schools could reopen safely. In Somerville, a local leader appeared to describe parents who wanted a faster return to in-person instruction as “fucking white parents” in a virtual public meeting; a community member accused the group of mothers advocating for schools to reopen of being motivated by white supremacy. “I spent four years fighting Trump because he was so anti-science,” Daniele Lantagne, a Somerville mom and engineering professor who works to promote equitable access to clean water and sanitation during disease outbreaks, told me. “I spent the last year fighting people who I normally would agree with … desperately trying to inject science into school reopening, and completely failed.”

    In March, Erika Uyterhoeven, the democratic-socialist state representative for Somerville, compared the plight of teachers to that of Amazon workers and meatpackers, and described the return to in-person classes as part of a “push in a neoliberal society to ensure, over and above the well-being of educators, that our kids are getting a competitive education compared to other suburban schools.” (She later asked the socialist blog that ran her comments to remove that quote, because so many parents found her statements offensive.) In Somerville, “everyone wants to be actively anti-racist. Everyone believes Black lives matter. Everyone wants the Green New Deal,” Elizabeth Pinsky, a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, told me. “No one wants to talk about … how to actually get kindergartners onto the carpet of their teachers.” Most elementary and middle schoolers in Somerville finally started back in person this spring, with some of the proposed building renovations in place. Somerville hasn’t yet announced when high schoolers will go back full-time, and Curtatone wouldn’t guarantee that schools will be open for in-person instruction in the fall.”


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