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By Pete Moore On May 4th, 2021

“Survation is the most accurate poll, I’ll see what that- holy moly!”

Hartlepool’s Labour MP resigned after allegations were made against him. The by-election is on 6th May. A year after Keith Starmer became leader it’s critical that Labour holds on to the reddest of Labour seats. I know Hartlepool well. It’s proper old Labour. And that’s a problem for modern, woke Labour. Labour voters outside of London don’t care for gender-neutral toilets and pronouns.

If Boris can just wake up from his eco-loon stupor he can put Labour out of business.

15 Responses to “THE RED WALL IS DUST”

  1. The Tories would have won this seat in 2019 if it had not been for the intervention of the Brexit Party which split the anti-Labour vote. This happened in about a dozen Red Wall seats which Labour were lucky to hold. So in reality it will be a Tory hold on Thursday night, but the size of their majority will be interesting.

    It will still be a dreadful result for Labour because it will confirm that they have further to fall after the disaster of 2019. My belief is that the Tories are guaranteed to win the next general election with an increased majority. Which in turn will probably guarantee a further win at the election after that.

  2. Whilst I have no love for Labour I think it important to have an effective opposition. I do not want to live in a one party state, even if that party passes itself off as Conservative.

    And the fact that the Green Party trails two Independents says a lot about what people think about that issue.

  3. I do not want to live in a one party state

    You better get used to the idea.

  4. “ You better get used to the idea.”


    Different cheeks, same arsehole.

  5. If you think the Tories are corrupt now, just imagine how corrupt they will be by 2028 after 18 years in power.

  6. Peter.

    I think they are all corrupt.

  7. Q:

    If the Monster Raving Looney Labour Party are so electable, why do they keep getting annihilated for the 16 years at every election?

  8. You can only be corrupt in government if you control the government. Look at the billions in un-tendered pandemic contracts handed out to Tory cronies last year, and they are still refusing to disclose all of them. You can be sure that a handy chunk of that will get recycled into political donations to the Tories, which will in turn lead to seats in the Ouse of Lords. Or look at Cameron lobbying for a company he helped while PM and which he was hoping to make £60 million from.

  9. I think Labour are finished as a party of government for the rest of this decade, if not for good. Their coalition of Old Labour heartlands and Woke lefitst metropolitans has been coming apart since 2001. We will see an acceleration in that trend tomorrow as Hartlepool becomes a safe Tory seat and the Tories make further gains in the local elections.

  10. Peter.

    Yes, I agree with all you say, with regards the Tories, I personally expect nothing less from them, when I say I despise all of them, I mean it, and with obvious good reason.

    With regards the current bedraggled Labour Party? Just how difficult can it be for them to recognise, if they actually started on a plan to actually represent the working class man & woman , they could maybe start to get back to their roots, and cease with all this leftist woke crap.

    Labour have been out of power for 16 years, a whole generation, and you are absolutely correct, it will be another 16 years, the way they are going about things.

    It’s getting them absolutely nowhere.

  11. “A more accurate description of what has taken place would be ‘the theft of the Labour party’ – snatched from its cradle by a bunch of middle-class progressives and inculcated with values alien to those who brought it into being. It took Brexit for places like Hartlepool, which voted Leave by a ratio of 70 to 30, to fully register how much contempt the modern Labour party has for their animating values. This is a party whose activists are ashamed of their country’s heritage and culture, who consider respect for the nation to be a mark of stupidity, who are pushing for reparations to be paid for slavery, who wish to have no effective controls on immigration, who wish to campaign to rejoin the EU, who see the Union Flag as an affront and whose leader knelt to the Cenotaph-defacers of BLM.

    But now voters in the old ‘red wall’ towns have registered that Labour has changed, they show no sign at all of wanting the party back, and certainly do not wish to share it with the pseudo-intellectuals and juvenile ideologues of the modern left.”


  12. Forget all the Red Wall stuff. Here is a focus on the town of Hartlepool and why it will become a safe Tory seat today. And Brexit is part of the reason:

    “One recent morning I visited Hartlepool to cover the by-election. What I found there made me angry. This town has not been served well by politics, whether its Conservative government, its Labour MP who resigned in March after allegations of sexual harassment were made against him, or a council – until recently Labour-held – dogged by bullying allegations and with a reputation for ineffectiveness. This is one of the ten most deprived local authorities in England: the people of Hartlepool have to travel out of town to access critical care after services were cut at the local hospital, and the magistrates’ court has been closed.

    You would think that both of the main parties would be fighting hard to win over the mythologised “Red Wall” voters in this crucial by-election. Yet Labour seems to think that pinning a red rosette on a doctor is all it takes to hold on to the seat, regardless of whether the candidate, Paul Williams, faced an open selection process (he didn’t), scrubbed his social media of offensive content before standing (he didn’t), or played a part in the closure of that hospital critical care unit (he did).

    Labour is insisting that Brexit is “over”, and is bravely testing that theory in the heavily pro-Leave seat of Hartlepool by standing a candidate who was ousted by his last pro-Leave constituency after two years in parliament opposing Brexit. Local residents are not thrilled to be offered a neighbouring seat’s unwanted MP. As one put it: “If he wasn’t good enough for Stockton, why is he good enough for Hartlepool?”

    People in Hartlepool have a sense of humour about the calibre of the Labour and Conservative candidates. But there is a sting to it. There may be 14 other candidates on the ballot, but voters there know it’s a two-horse race, and that it comes down to a choice between two parties that haven’t demonstrated terribly much respect for them. The town continues to be badly treated by our political system, and its voters patronised. None of the talk about the “Red Wall” has fixed that.”


  13. People in Hartlepool would indeed require a sense of humour.

    It was the Labour candidate Dr, who drew up the list of cuts to NHS critical care and services in the first place.

  14. As well as being an unrepentent Remainer standing for a seat that voted Leave by 70-30. Great choice of candidate by Starmer.

  15. Yes Peter.

    As I posted a couple of days back, Labour must simply employ the most useless SpAds that they could possibly find.

    From candidates, to camera opportunities, it’s just one major balls up after the other.

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