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A sad state of affairs

By Patrick Van Roy On May 6th, 2021

Of course it has. The government in shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain is paralyzed with fear of its growing and restive Muslim communities, and is increasingly ready to throw Britain’s cherished principles away and embrace Sharia blasphemy laws in exchange for spurious promises of peace and security. And those who might have stood up against this have long ago been demonized, marginalized and silenced by the political elites and the establishment media. All that are left are trimmers, opportunists, self-seekers, and worse. Britain is finished.

6 Responses to “A sad state of affairs”

  1. This could be you. It could be me. An odd comment, a reasonable observation, and concern about the Islamification of the Uk and you could be targeted for death and abandoned by your own government. This is despicable…but this is Boris and the Tories, and Starmer and the socialists…wake up

  2. it’s very wrong…. you have no society without free speech.

  3. The teacher was a moron for showing the cartoons in a classroom setting. He showed horrendous personal and professional judgment.

    But the excuse for a British government and police ( you still have police I believe, or people who say that they are police ) should act firmly against anyone who threatens the man or his family.

  4. yes he should have been teaching why Johnny is now allowed to say he’s Jane and why Jane has 2 Mommy’s…..

    much more appropriate material for the children….

  5. This was predicted by someone hereabouts (ahem) but it gives no pleasure to be proved right. The shameful failure of the teacher’s Woke union to defend their member is no surprise, as is the failure of the Woke Labour MP and the spineless Tory government. For shame, and go **** yourselves.

    The UK now has what is effectively a blasphemy law but only for Islam. Any other sky-god religion is rightfully exposed to mockery except for this one. The only consolation is that unlike the blasphemy law in Pakistan the UK one is unofficial and the penalty is not death, just loss of earnings and career. And location.

  6. I endured The Book of Mormon play in London, which was basically an endless abuse of the Mormon faith, much of it unfunny, but the audience pretended to split a gut laughing even at the many entirely unfunny ” jokes ” ( including about raping babies in Africa, look it up if you don’t believe it ) because that’s the exact experience the swells in London paid to have.

    I wait the next ” funny ” play The Silly Oul Koran to appear in London and New York.