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Cost and Consequences

By Patrick Van Roy On May 6th, 2021

“Would you pay $102,000 to live an extra 7.5 hours?” the researchers ask. “What 18-year-old values his time at $13,600 an hour?” However, they find that for the elderly the benefits of mitigation efforts do exceed the costs: “The benefits of protection, measured in life expectancy, are 210 times as high for the older person.”

“Had policy makers understood the enemy, they would have adopted different protocols for young and old,” Hooper and Henderson conclude. “Politicians would have practiced focused protection, narrowing their efforts to the most vulnerable 11% of the population and freeing the remaining 89% of Americans from wasteful burdens.”

One Response to “Cost and Consequences”

  1. I wondered what was going on then noticed it’s the FEE. This is the kind of rational analysis which has been wholly absent from the media since February 2020.