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Made me chuckle

By Patrick Van Roy On May 7th, 2021

Who is Sir Nick Clegg, the Facebook vice president of global affairs who is placing America’s culture of free speech in manacles by continuing to ban Donald Trump from the platform? The man who wrote the Facebook post barring Trump in January and will decide whether to make it permanent is a career British liberal politician, once famously described as David Cameron’s condom by Boris Johnson.

Savor this for a moment: The former head of a party calling itself the “Liberal Democrats,” from the supposedly liberty-loving homeland of the Magna Carta, is stopping Americans from hearing the thoughts of a person we chose as our president. What was the point of the American Revolution if some aristocratic British nerd can decide which Americans get to speak?

14 Responses to “Made me chuckle”

  1. There is nothing liberal or democratic about the UK Liberal Democrat Party, unless you believe the former German Democratic Republic was democratic.

    & Clegg is just another zero credibility EU placeman, roundly rejected by the UK electorate. Currently employed by Facebook who have need of his contacts book.

  2. There is nothing liberal or democratic about the UK Liberal Democrat Party

    No, the Lib-Dems were the only party to vote against the renewal of the draconian covid powers for a further six months in March. Fair play to them, they were joined by Tory libertarians and opposed by the Tory government and of course the Labour Party. This is the Lib-Dem leader’s explanation of their stance:

    “So what is the vote about? It’s about renewing a whole multitude of powers the government awarded itself in a panic back at the start of the pandemic – when we still knew very little about the threat the country was facing…

    A sensible, reasonable government that cared about civil liberties and the rule of law would not be seeking to renew such a flawed piece of legislation. It would work cross-party to replace it with new laws that are necessary to tackle the next phase of the pandemic, while respecting rights and freedoms. By claiming instead that they need these same emergency powers for another six months, Conservative ministers are essentially saying they have learnt nothing over the past year. And, as their draconian new protest crackdown law shows, the Conservatives have no intention of restoring people’s rights once the pandemic has passed.

    Liberal Democrats have always been clear that our freedoms must be fully restored as soon as this crisis is over. Handing ministers a blank cheque for another six months is unnecessary and unjustified, so we will be voting against the renewal of the Coronavirus Act tomorrow.”


  3. Peter

    Have you washed your hands after quoting from the UK “Independent” & the Climate change fraudster Davey ?

    In other news, here’s more on the LUK LibDem Brightest & Best






  4. Have you checked that what I posted at 9.15 pm was true and correct? If it’s wasn’t then please post your evidence or stfu.

    Climate change fraudster

    Damn those Commie glaciers! They just keep melting everywhere. If they were just melting on one continent, then maybe. But all five at the same time? It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

  5. Peter thinks it’s all cow farts… cept it’s all bullsh**…. lol

  6. Patrick

    I didn’t say why the climate was warming, but you still claim to believe that it’s not warming (never mind the causes) and it’s all commie lies. Because that’s your Trumpist Cult party line and we all know you always follow that line 100%.

    Are the glaciers melting or not? Yes or no will do.

  7. Most methane gas comes from needless burn-off from your beloved fracking. But animals cause over one third of it and methane is a bigger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Go look it up if you can be bothered. No, I thought not.

    But of course you reject the fact that greenhouse gases have any effect on our climate. You are in the most extremist bonehead anti-science faction of the most most extremist bonehead anti-science party in the democratic world. Bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry, so not a surprise. Exxon knows the truth and has played you for the fools that yoiu are. But at least your party has the honesty to stay bought, so I’m sure that Exxon still loves you, while it laughs at you in private.

  8. as usual Peter you’re wrong on what my position is….. The Planet is warming and has been warming since the last Ice age which lasted over 2-2.5 million years so you tell me if the planet was frozen for over 2 million years and the glacial period of that ice age only ended 12,000 years ago although they argue that it could go back as far as 150,000 years…

    In the time scale of the Earth we are still defrosting from the last ice age. Glacial periods even during the ice age fluctuate.

    So tell me Peter if the last ice age lasted over 2 million years how long will the heating cycle last ?

    The Earths climate is controlled by 3 primary factors. The Sun which we have no understanding of only cursory science we have only been collecting hard scientific measurements of the suns activities in the last 5 years with the first solar satellites and probes. The second is the Earth’s Orbit being the exact distance from that sun where both water and Ice can exist at the same time…. which we know fluctuates which is why we have Ice Ages, and the 3rd and most important reason is the fact that the surface of the planet is primarily water. Water that is in a constant state of flux… How much is liquid, how much is Ice, and how much is vapor.

    So tell me Peter right now where exactly is the earth in it’s 5 million year orbit cycle?

    What right now exactly is the ratio of Liquid, ice, vapor at this instant?

    You can’t answer either of those questions, no one can. Man does not have the level of knowledge to measure and answer those questions yet, but without being able to understand exactly how the 3 primary influences on the climate function you believe people that say even though they don’t understand those things they know for sure that cow farts are fucking it all up…..

    You’ve been sold the snake oil of a false religion being used by commies to control the masses behavior…. lol

  9. Not as much as this made me chuckle.



  10. And this….

    “Soaring cases of trench foot and hypothermia linked to pubs only being able to serve outdoors since global warming turned Earth into a furnace.”


  11. It’s chuckle day.

    I am definitely going to overdose on popcorn by the days out.


  12. anybody know where Mr. Moore is….

  13. Pete might have possibly overdosed on popcorn too.

    It’s a most beautiful time to not be a lefty.

  14. The Monster Raving Looney Labour Party have been totally routed.

    Annihilated in fact.

    Just Khan to go now. But that maybe too much to simply ask for, this is Downtown Mogadishu we are talking about, formerly known as London.

    West Midlands mayoral election: Andy Street on brink of victory – Tory gains 49% of vote

    THE West Midlands Mayoral election first preference tally has shown Tory Andy Street was so close to a first round win.


    This is what the far-left Monster Raving Looney Labour Party can expect holding the white British working class in absolute contempt, Sir Kneelalot, Rayner and the rest of the lefty half-wits can only thank themselves for this latest “up yours lefties” dam good old political thrashing. It could not possibly happen to a bunch of more deserved misguided self-loathing, Anti-White British working class arseholes.

    You’re welcome.


    PS, I must say, the left, or what remains of them, are very quiet on ATW.