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Wish I was still selling

By Patrick Van Roy On May 7th, 2021

“April marked 13 months of elevated firearm sales, which have ranged between 1.5 million and 2 million each month,” NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva told CNN. “Firearm sales spiked in March 2020 and have remained at unprecedented levels since. It’s a remarkable feat of firearm manufacturers to keep pace with this blistering demand.”

13 Responses to “Wish I was still selling”

  1. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa organization rioters, looters, muggers and arsonists deserve some of the ” credit ” for these sales.

    Give all these cut-throats a bonus.

  2. You’re right when Black Lives Matter and Antifa are burning and looting cities and the Federal Govt’s response is “Defund the Police”….

    People buy Guns.

  3. The federal government never said that

    But the feckless local and state responses in places like Portland, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington, others, to out in the open criminality did frighten people.

    And the allowance of demonstrations outside people’s family homes.

    I know people, not social or economic conservatives, who were frightened by all of this, and who were thinking of buying guns for the first time, who may wall have done so.

  4. How many federal officials saying “Defund the Police” including the Vice President do want me to put up Phantom ?

  5. My point remains correct.

    Thank me very much.

  6. Local Governments are the ones cutting the Budgets, but the Rhetoric is coming from the Federal Level to deny that is silly.

    When you have BLM/Antifa burning and looting, no one being prosecuted the Vice President even paying for the rioters Bail on the rare occasion the perps were even charged bail…. yeah people are buying guns faster than they can make them.

    The sale of Ammo is even worse, you can not find, .38 .9mm .380 .40 and .45 Ammo in any store and the second it’s delivered they are sold out the same day….

  7. You mean the point on your head…..

  8. Joe Rogan was talking about the ammo shortage this week.

    That can be a very good show ( podcast ) , recommended to anyone here.

  9. Rogan can be both informative and entertaining.

  10. I find him a far better interviewer than anyone on the big networks, BBC or NPR/PBS.

    Yes I do.

    He has a genuine curiosity, lets the guest talk at length, and has no time limit – if the conversation is good, he’ll extend the duration to three hours straight on the fly,with no ads ( with paid Spotify )

    He ain’t perfect – his recent Covid statement was a big error, that he took back without excuses – but if there’s any interviewer who is better, I’d like to know who that is.

  11. no he’s good, and his statement in regard to Covid that he was forced to take back was correct.

    He bowed to the threat of losing his show being hosted on any servers if he continued. He was so concerned of losing his livelihood that your right he just retracted and let rest.

    A more Perfect example of strongarm censorship you couldn’t find.

  12. Patrick

    You need to get help with your gun fetish.

  13. Patrick

    No, he said something that was wrong, and he admitted it.

    This guy does not respond to pressure, but he will listen to you if you tell him that he was wrong and why.

    Young adults should get vaccinated, for reasons that include protecting their famiilies