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Proud to be a Commie

By Patrick Van Roy On May 7th, 2021

11 Responses to “Proud to be a Commie”

  1. ” teach them the politic ”

    Not the president of the local MENSA chapter

  2. lol

  3. she also said that the revelations of her multi-million dollar home empire. She said those news reports promoted white terrorism.

  4. “her multi-million dollar home empire”

    Oh, I’m pretty sure she worked really long and hard for it all, you know, getting up at 5am, commute to work, hard days productive graft working her fingers to the bone, back home at 8pm, pays all her taxes out of her hard earned wages.

    “A trained Marxist”

    She might require more training.

    Karl Marx

    “This includes the abolition of private property. Marx says that Communists have been “reproached” for desiring to abolish the “right” of acquiring private property”


  5. Welcome to American Marxism….

  6. Welcome to British Marxism.

    “Labour get annihilated at yet another set of elections”

    Labour need to really “learn those lessons” you can’t spend your entire political life, sneering at the white working class, then expecting those white working class to vote for them.

    One thing is guaranteed here, no matter what Sir Kneel Starmer the multi-millionaire, and sadly, but laughably, the “leader” of the failed Monster Raving Looney Labour Party, waffles on about..”lessons learned” (Common Purpose) must work harder, blah, Blah, blah, nothing, absolutely nothing, diddly squat will change. They will still despise, and hold the British white working class in absolute and total contempt.

    Anneliese Dodds, the white Dianne Abbot slow motion car crash laughable Shadow Chancellor might get the big elbow, but that’s about it.

    The left will (hopefully) continue to eat themselves into oblivion.

    Today, it’s actually a joy to be alive.

    I run out of popcorn by lunchtime today watching the BBC in mourning.

  7. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…


  8. her multi-million dollar home empire.

    Follow the money. Time for a full audit of BLM finances.

    Why didn’t Trump order this last year?

  9. She has written a book? Is it a “how to” book? How to build up a huge property portfolio?

  10. She sounds like one who hasn’t read a book, much less written one.

  11. She sounds like one who hasn’t read a book, much less written one.

    She’s just like Trump then.