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By Patrick Van Roy On May 8th, 2021

Pete’s missing so we had no Friday Night Jukebox…. so a fill in a Tribute to the Last 2 Standing

but I’m sure Pete will return….

11 Responses to “Music”

  1. Wonderful skills on the ivories.

    Great tune.

    Thanks Patrick.

  2. Not MIA. ATW was down all last evening. Is it a conspiracy against great music, I wonder.

  3. It must be Alex Jones…or something, or other?


  4. piss poor excuse…. 😉

  5. “Piss poor excuse”

    That very much sounds like a British exclusion.

    Welcome brother.


  6. Yes I think French fisherman blockaded the U.K. access to A Tangled Web yesterday evening 😉

  7. Harri is rather obsessed with Alex Jones.

    I imagine that we have a secret admirer of Jones, the father of Trutherism, and an enormous influence on MAGAism

  8. what did you think of that version of NY I chose for ya Phantom?

  9. I just played it now

    I like it a lot, thank you

  10. PVR –

    John Bonham lives on. That intro is very “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin. It’s probably the most sampled drum break and the backbone of an enormous number of hip hop beats. Modern black music owes a lot to it.


  11. “Harri is rather obsessed with Alex Jones.”

    Says, the resident Alex Jones fanboy.