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By Pete Moore On May 8th, 2021

I am a bit of a petrolhead. Just a bit. Nothing like a nerd who can tell you which engine block a nut and bolt came from, but I do appreciate a beautifully designed motor and a V8 growl.

Nevertheless, everything in its place. Streets are not just for circulation. They are not just for mobility. They are not just for vehicles or even pedestrians and cyclists. First and foremost, streets are social places, but I think that’s been forgotten. Vehicles are king where there’s a road, but why should that be?

11 Responses to “RECLAIM THE STREETS!”

  1. Well said Pete. Did you vote Green on Thursday?

  2. Do you think I’m mad?

  3. We have that here


  4. I don’t know if they still do it, but when I lived in Rome the city centre was closed to all motor vehicles each Sunday. That’s the entire Centro Storico, the historic centre, where all the sights and charming little streets are.

    God it was wonderful to walk aimlessly without a Vespa or Fiat creating an echoing din.

  5. There has been a view that cars belong only to motorists, which is rapidly changing

    They belong to all – including cyclists

    One auto lane on the Brooklyn Bridge here will be retrofitted as a bike lane, after the large increase in the number of cyclists using the bridge over the past decade.

  6. When I was a kid it seemed every second street had a hockey game on it in the winter, now I can’t honestly say the last time i passed a good game of street hockey

  7. We played street football, but there were too many cars so we “invented” team shooting in. That meant one gateway as the goal posts and two teams of three or four palying against each other. The goalkeeper was neutral between the two sides.

    Looking back, I wonder how many other kids played restricted street football like this in the 1970s. But I know that it would be impossible now in the street that we used, because car traffic is probably 500% of what it was then.

  8. A few decades before, it was common here to see boys up to teenagers playing sport in the street, including

    Stickball ( a kind of baseball played with a soft ball, and often a bat made from an old broom handle )

    American gridiron football

    Roller hockey

    There’s almost none of that played on urban streets around here now. And it’s not in my opinion due to more cars on the roads.

    The basketball courts and softball fields in parks used to be heavily used, often by improvised teams inclusive of strangers walking on, playing with no refs outside of any leagues, much less of that now.

    A sad sight to see all those courts and fields unused

    Many kids just don’t play sports now. They watch others play sports on TV. And play electronic games

    And the same is true of adult sports and recreation. Golf, tennis, hunting, recreational fishing, participation in all in significant decline among young adults and older. Look it up.

  9. we played stickball and we played chink… a form of street hand ball against the side of someone’s house and everybody’s garage had a hoop mounted on it.

  10. That’s why I don’t solely blame diet for obesity in our countries

    People are fairly sedentary now.

    Especially in the suburbs, where they get in the car or call a delivery service if they need a loaf of bread.

  11. Weight gain is at least 90% due to diet and calories consumed. Exercise will not make any significant difference to your weight unless you run at least ten miles a day. But it’s still a very good idea to do at least one half hour of brisk walking every day if you can. And the faster you walk the better for blood pressure and heart health.