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The Fire is lit…. escalation in Israel is just beginning.

By Patrick Van Roy On May 11th, 2021

6 Responses to “The Fire is lit…. escalation in Israel is just beginning.”

  1. Israel killed 9 children yesterday. How many more today?

    The racist apartheid state showing its true colours yet again.

  2. In Northern Ireland News


    An inquest has found that 10 people killed in west Belfast almost 50 years ago in the wake of an Army operation were innocent.


    Ten people killed in shootings in Ballymurphy in Belfast in 1971 were entirely innocent, coroner Mrs Siobhan Keegan has ruled.

    The shootings, which the families refer to as “the Ballymurphy Massacre”, happened immediately after the introduction of internment without trial in Northern Ireland.

    They were: Joan Connolly, 44, Joseph Corr, 43, Edward Doherty, 31, John Laverty, 20, John McKerr, 49, Fr Hugh Mullan, 38, Joseph Murray, 41, Noel Phillips, 19, Frank Quinn, 19, and Daniel Teggart, 44.

    No one has ever been charged or convicted in connection with any of their deaths. The original inquests in 1972 recorded open verdicts.

    However, fresh inquests were approved in 2011 following a lengthy campaign by the Ballymurphy families.

    More than 100 days of evidence from over 100 witnesses was heard during the inquests, which began in November 2018. Among those to give evidence were 60 former British soldiers and 30 civilians…

  3. LOL British government finding itself innocent… shocker

  4. Petr maybe daddy shouldn’t have fired rockets into Israel trying to kill their children, then his kids would still be alive.

  5. I always find it amusing…. you mention the Jews and someone always brings up the IRA….

    associative mental disorder.

  6. FO and EP will be shocked when when they discover what Irish republicans did.