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By Pete Moore On May 15th, 2021

Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists

Members of Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour express regret about ‘unethical’ methods

Even the architects of the campaign of fear are so uneasy that they come clean. It has been unceasing, outrageous and should have no place in a supposedly free society. I suspect that the consequences are permanent for some victims. People who were rational prior to the epidemic are now paranoid and housebound, a consequence of mask propaganda, the strange infrastructure of screens and one way systems and children being told that they might kill granny.

SAGE admitted, in minutes from early in 2020, that stoking as much fear as possible in society was a key objective in its campaign. They should be in the dock for what they have done. If a man did to his wife what scientists have done to millions he would be accused of psychological and emotional abuse.


  1. Oh, there’s now an….Indian variant?

    Shock, horror.

    How? Why? Where?

    I was always wearing a mask ‘N’ stuff?

    Just like the Japanese.

    How is this possible?

    At this point in time, well done you liberal naive twats, normal people will assume that full-on Communist QR-Code mass human surveillance system, is not yet quite operational?

    You wait until that public enquiry starts, just watch SAGE, PHE, Mad Hancock, and all those gullible self-righteous liberal half-wits, run for those thar hills.

  2. “People who were rational proir to the epidemic are now paranoid and housebound, a consequence of mask propaganda,”

    And boy oh boy.

    Excuse me French.

    Are they some of the biggest fu****g idiots on Gods given earth.

    Imagine, going for a run, jogging, walking in the park, or going for a bike ride still wearing a mask made of cotton believing you are saving someone from infection?

    That must take a special kinda stupidity which can only be measured on a biblical scale.


  3. Needless to say, Johnson delayed by nearly a month before banning travel from India. He was afraid that a ban would be taken badly by Modi and might endanger trade talks.

  4. SAGE is filled to the rafters with “ Behavioural Scientists” for very good reasons.

    And the very reason they totally ignore real scientists.


  5. The Barrington Declaration required the over 60s to stay indoors for up to a year with no physical contact with their families. It was incredibly cruel as well as totally impractical for millions.

    Also, many of its supporters have turned out to be 100% wrong in their predictions again and again and again. In August they were certain it was all over and there would be no second wave. Some of them were certain that Sweden had achieved herd immunity by that month. Great calls. Not.

  6. spell check your post

  7. Peter.

    Second wave.


    You see how this works now?

  8. Our governments took advantage of the fear of a bio-weapon to do things they never would have been able to do to the people. While at the same time making every clinical error that could be made.

    Over a Million died world wide from government policies in dealing with the virus.

    Virus, Germs, & Bacteria will always kill us giving up rights and freedoms will never save a single life and not one thing that our governments did can be proven to have saved a single life, but theirs’s plenty of evidence that their policies killed 100s of thousands.

    c’est la vie

  9. PVR –

    Thanks. I’ve just never been in the habit of reading it back before posting. The urgency of having my wisdom out there is too great, I suppose.

    Note that I capitalise headlines. That’s how it’s done on ATW. Repeating patterns are neat and please the mind.

  10. We will be locked down again by June 21st.

  11. The vaccines have been highly effective in the UK and USA etc

    The future cannot be predicted with certainty, but the summer is looking pretty good here… and there