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By Pete Moore On May 16th, 2021

(The Finchley Road is a predominantly Jewish area of North London.)

Driven by hubris, left-liberal imperialism and a hatred for the West, the left has always claimed that immigrants assimilate. The evidence shows that when you import Africa you get Africa, and when you import the Middle East you get the Middle East.

The catastrophic consequences of immigration from primitive societies includes Jews again being targeted across Europe. Well done to all involved.

11 Responses to “TRIBES DON’T MIX”

  1. London has fallen.

    Of course heaven forbid some Muslims don’t like raping little girls..

    Rotherham, Leeds Luton, Bedford, Bradford, Telford, Birmingham, and on and on and on it goes…


  2. There were pro Palestinian demonstrations in NYC yesterday . Including a fairly large one near me

    But there was none of this obscenity.

  3. Actually, this is exactly the same scenario across the U.K., especially Luton, when Pakistan win a cricket match.

    It’s intolerable, and an indicator to stay indoors.

    Don’t venture into any suburbs if you are British and white, the risk is just far too great.

    It’s multiculturalism at its finest…innit.

  4. Ain’t that the truth…


  5. Tribes don’t mix.

    Nope, they don’t.



  6. Jews beaten and sexually assaulted in Toronto.


  7. Thank you for bringing that to our attention

    I don’t see reports of this in major Canadian media

  8. Yep.


    “Labour politicians have spent the past week subtly – and not so subtly – stoking anti-Israeli hatred. Not because they necessarily believe in it. But because they think it’s an easy way of winning brownie points with the Left. Now they’re running for cover. And it’s too late.”

    Plenty of Labour MPs and activists have been in the vanguard of the orgy of anti-Israel/Jewish hate this week.

  9. SKY TV ( Which the Americans here should be keeping an eye on ) reports that four persons have been arrested in connection With the incident on Finchley Road

  10. The Met Police have questions to answer. They allowed this lot to drive into and around London for hours. They knew it was going on but didn’t stop them.

  11. They haven’t been stopped.

    They haven’t been arrested.

    They’re back on Finchley Road.
    do something