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The Telegraph: Return of ladies and gents lavatories, as ministers tell architects all new buildings must have separate facilities

Buildings which already had unisex lavatories, which are shared by men and women, also face having to install partitions

This left is so radicalised and extreme, and holds such cultural hegemony, that the government has to step in to ensure that architects install ladies and gents. Just think about it.

We can avoid all this if we simply behave with common sense. The ultra-woke left is still a tiny fringe but it gets its way always. All we have to do is say no then ignore them. The people who want unisex lavs are a radical on the far reaches of sanity, nost of whom probably have dodgy hard drives.

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One thought on “THE STATE OF IT

  1. It’s because our society is vastly afraid of offending anyone. One lone nutter claims to be offended for some stupid reason and people cave. Recently a friendly train driver got slated for wishing a good morning to Ladies , Gents ,boys and girls. Of course one of the non trinary alphabet squad got “offended” and Bob’s now your granny. Ricky Gervais said you have the right to be offended but that doesn’t make you right. I also say the rest of us also have the right to ignore the odd nutter.

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