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By Pete Moore On May 17th, 2021

Vaccine hesitancy remains extremely low in the UK, despite concerns over hospitalised patients in some areas who have not taken the Covid-19 jab, No 10 has said.

No 10 said it had deployed thousands of additional vaccine doses to areas that had reported a sharp increase in the number of cases due to new variants originally detected in India, saying action would be taken to tackle rising cases.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, said on Sunday that out of the 18 patients in hospital in Bolton, one of the hotspots for the virus, five had been vaccinated. Of the remainder, he said “the vast majority” had been eligible for the vaccine but had not taken it so far.

White anti-vaxxers are dangerous, tinfoil hat-wearing loons. Black and muslim anti-vaxxers are “vaccine hesitant”. We see through the media propaganda.

The story here is that a Chinese virus variant is spiking in Boltonistan and Blackburnistan. Most of those hospitalised are eligible for the vaccine but chose to rub an onion on their foreheads instead. They should be charged for the cost of their treatment.

Some are saying that we need to pause lifting the house arrest restrictions because of the spike. Get stuffed is the appropriate response. No-one wants anyone in intensive care, but 75 million of us shouldn’t suffer because of a small minority of vaccine hesitants tinfoil hat-wearing loons. You had the chance to be protected. You passed it up. If you end up on a ventilator it’s your own fault. The rest of us will get on with our lives. And don’t get into the ambulance without your chequebook.


  1. Anti-Vaxxer (Noun informal)

    A person who trusts their own immune system more than they trust pharmaceutical companies, career politicians, & the corporate media.

    (See also : Critical Thinker)

  2. “You passed it up. If you end up on a ventilator it’s your own fault.”

    You know what Pete, I couldn’t agree more.

    So, when you develop inexplicable blood clots, or suffer a stroke or a heart attack – the likelyhood of which is increased by injection with the ‘not vaccine’, and you end up in an intensive care unit. You made the choice to be vaccinated with an unproven ( COVID-19 vaccination development schedule 6 months, normal testing schedule for new drugs, six to ten years ) vaccine. That was your choice, and the bill of £6000 per day can come out of your hide.

    But maybe we can agree that, the moral of the story is socialized medicine encourages reckless risk taking.

  3. apl –

    The thrombus risk from Covid is far higher than from any vaccine.

  4. “The thrombus risk from Covid is far higher than from any vaccine.”

    Which assertion is highly dependent on your age.

    If you are over 70, perhaps.

    If you are under 70, the risk from dying of COVID-19 is so low, you take a higher risk driving your car to the shops. Getting injected with a vaccine with no longitudinal data of it’s efficacy or otherwise, is just a stupid decision.

    Injecting school age children ( who have virtually no risk exposure to COVID-19 ) with one or other of the COVID-19 vaccine is, in my opinion criminal.

  5. The Indian variant which is now spreading in dozens of UK locations could have been avoided completely if Johnson had banned travel from India a few weeks before he did. He delayed that ban because he had scheduled a trade trip to meet Modi in late April. So yet again he failed to protect the people of the UK.

    As for the anti-vaxxers of all types and skin colours, they are self-selecting for Darwin Awards. At least their stupid moronic genes will die with them.

  6. In real life, I know a couple on the vaxx hesitant / anti vaxx Spectrum.

    They’re big conspiracy guys, exactly what you’d expect in terms of education and worldview etc.