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A student at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, claims she had been the victim of racist incidents, including arson. However, police discovered that the alleged victim of framed hate crimes was the one caught on surveillance video starting the fire in the university’s residence hall. 

Viterbo University student Victoria Unanka is reported to have texted a friend on April 18, claiming that a small fire started in the girl’s residence hall must have been directed towards herself because it began in the next room over.

When police investigated the fire and reviewed security footage, authorities discovered that it was the same student who set the fire. 

Unanka told police that she was frustrated that “no one was listening to me anymore” regarding the student’s other allegations of race-based hate crimes.


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2 thoughts on “I’m Shocked, shocked I tell you……

  1. There have been many fake racial incidents in this country. I could probably recall 10-15 easily. Fake nooses, fake graffiti, fake beatings, etc.

    Jossie Smollett comes to mind.

    Also the fake ” rape ” tale charged against an innocent police officer , a yarn promoted by Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley in 1987 in the NYC area, which inflamed relations here and nationally.

    Al Sharpton is now a kingmaker in the Democratic Party. Biden, Obama, Harris, kiss his ring. He is a paid commentator on MSNBC TV. Saw him this morning, opining on national matters, receiving deference from the others in the studio.

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