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  1. You can’t have a functioning polity without shared principles. Political dispute has always existed in the US, but parties revolved around the same foundational beliefs.

    The left is increasingly moving away from these foundations as it becomes more radical.

  2. He’s correct about Ryan, who should have been drummed out years ago. Careerist, unprincipled conservatives like him do huge damage to the cause. He’s also correct on the nature of the left today:

    “I wanted to get across that there is absolutely no space between the modern Western left and the deadly Maoists of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.”

    The modern left has taken almost all of its cues from Maoism and the Red Guards. It goes unotticed because nobody is educated about the terrors of left wing regimes. Left wing educationists have left vast swathes of evil modern history from curriculums because it would do their cause no good to have it understood.

  3. The left is increasingly moving away from these foundations as it becomes more radical.

    The Trump Cult Party GOP is increasingly moving away from democracy as it moves sharply rightwards. A majority of its voters now support the Capitol invasion on 6 January. And at state level its legislators have launched an all-out culture war against abortion rights and voting rights.

  4. Peter –

    Leaving aside that the media has radicalised you over 6th January, the difference is that with Republicans in government you could speak your mind in the US. It is increasingly clear that the left will punish those who dare to have their own opinions.

  5. the media has radicalised you over 6th January

    No, I’m quite capable of making up my own mind. What has happened is that the GOP and its Fox cheerleaders have increasingly downplayed what happened that day. As I’ve posted before, it can only be a matter of time until they get round to striking medals for the participants. Trump would award them of course. Patriot Badges.

  6. Peter how are the Republicans moving away from Democracy?

    The Democrats are taking the Vote Away from the Peoplw and the Peoples Control, and Putting that Control into a system that is under complete control of Elected Office Holders and not the People….

    That is a destruction of a Democracy if we lived in one. The Democrats are ending the Democratic part of our Republic NOT the Republicans…..

  7. No Democrats are to be trusted, but that doesn’t mean that the Republicans have not been openly trying to subvert the constitution for quite a while

    The January 6 cop killers who tried to overturn the Election were certainly trying to move from democracy

    There have been real attempts At voter suppression in a number of states, Following the narrative of the big lie of the stolen election

  8. Who killed a cop on Jan 6th Phantom……

    What is the Cops name, and Cause of Death ?

    Who has been charged ?

    How was he MURDERED ?

    YOU insist on LYING about something that never happened.

    Is it that you are really and honestly confused that a Cop was actually murdered, or is it your hate for Trump that has you continually pushing the LIE that a Cop was Murdered on Jan 6th so in your diseased TDS mind you can forget and justify the 2 Billion dollars of Damage the Multiple Murdered and assaulted Police Officers and the 100 or so Civilians MURDERED by BLM/ANTIFA/DNC all last summer ?

  9. Sorry Phantom not one of their deaths was caused by the Jan 6th Riot.

    The ONLY Homicide that took place on Jan 6th was Ashli Babbitt and she was Justifiably Shot by the Capital Police.

    I want a committee into the MURDEROUS RAMPAGE that killed Multiple Police Officers, over 100 Civilians, and caused 2 BILLION DOLLARS OF DAMAGE that was Sponsored and Paid for by the Biden Campaign.

    Kamila Harris now Vice President of the United States PERSONALLY paid the Bail for Rioters, Looters, and Murderers Last Summer.

    The DNC supported and Financed Riots all last summer where Animals drove right up and gunned cops down…..

    You have taken the same side of this whole issue as the DNC and the MSM.

    The DNC sponsored riots destroyed Billions and multiple cops were murdered 1000s assaulted. Civilians were murdered and terrorized.

    Yet the worst riot of was that on Jan 6th where less than $10,000 worth of Damage and 5 Protestors died, one by the cops…. for that riot we need Troops Stationed at our Capital, we need to violate everyone in D.C.s Civil Rights by illegally seizing EVERYONE in a 10 mile Radius Cell Phone Data… Rioters must be held in MAXIMUM SECURITY and Denied their Rights to examine the Evidence against them.

    That is the NARRATIVE and the PLAYBOOK that you support.

    You ought to be ashamed.

  10. no

    That is not what I said, but you went there… why?

    You forget or choose to ignore the fact that I have since day one condemned the Jan 6th riot, I have said repeatedly that Ashli Babbitt’s Homicide was Justified and at the same time called for the LAW to be followed and a Hearing held, because the Coroner labeled HER DEATH a Homicide.

    Officer Sicknick’s Death was NOT labeled a Homicide yet you want more of an investigation into it than the only death actually labelled a Homicide.

    YOU are following a double standard, not me.

    If you are going to treat the Riot on Jan 6th in this manner you have you have to apply the SAME EXACT STANDARDS AND PROTOCALS to the BLM/ANTIFA/DNC Riots.

    You are supporting and demanding a two tier Justice System based on Political Party.

    I on the other hand and demanding EQUALITY.

    The Person who sprayed Officer Sicknick with Bear Spray should be Charged with his Death and Tried for it. If he is found Guilty he should be Hung by his neck until Dead on the Capital Step Televised…..

    Just as the “Unnamed Officer” who committed Homicide on Ashli Babbitt should be charged and Tried so he can Publicly Prove that it was a Justifiable Homicide. (which in my opinion it was)

    Blind & Balanced Justice.

  11. Peter how are the Republicans moving away from Democracy?

    A majority of Republicans now support the Capitol invaders. They were invading to overturn the Electoral College election of Biden. That seems like quite an anti-democratic thing to do.

  12. I Might well imagine that Mark Levin supports the rioters , even though he doesn’t have the balls to come out and say it

    Anyone who knows a lot of Trump supporters in real life has heard some of them make excuses for the events of January 6. I sure have

    Levin incitement leading up to January 6. Oh he’s a Great One alright


  13. So Phantom put your keyboard and your balls where your heart is and write a post to explain to all of us ignorant Trump Supporters why the Riot on January 6th is worse than the more than 10,600 protests between late May and August of 2020, connected to BLM/ANTIFA/DNC.

    Now only 10% of them got violent (106, plus Portland is still burning) and that violence caused 2 Billion Dollars worth of Damage, burned several Federal Buildings, Destroyed 100s of Priceless statues, several cops were assassinated, and over 100 civilians killed.

    Educate us, explain why Jan 6th is worse.

    You lack the testicular fortitude…..

  14. Free speech means nothing if you lack the balls to say what you believe.

    I can be accused of many things, not being willing to say HONESTLY uncensored and in Public what I believe will never be a charge ANYONE can make against me…..

    If you believe something say it and explain why you believe that YOUR view is the correct one, surely anyone that believes something can explain why…..

    Jan 6th was worse than the 10,600 “Protests” by BLM/ANTIFA/DNC because……

  15. Patrick

    Why don’t you go the whole hog and support the Capitol invaders? I mean support outright, not just some RINO “explain and sympathise” bullshit like you get from some of the fuckwit GOP congressmen and senators. I mean full-on no-apology support like gun toting Marjorie Taylor-Green support.

    You know you want to, not least because most of your party has already got there ahead of you. Trump will soon make it a loyalty test for GOP legislators who don’t want to get primaried. And you know you will support him when he does.

  16. Several times on these pages, The usual suspects made the point that “ the people “ had a right to rise up against a “ tyranny “ And what greater tyranny than a deep state that stole an election?

    And several times, I asked them who “ the people “ would attack- police? Politicians who they disagreed with?

    I expect That all the regulars here would remember those conversations.

    And the usual suspects never answered the question, no matter how many times it was rephrased

    On January 6, the self proclaimed “ people “ savagely attacked police, and set out to attack and execute politicians.

    As some of us predicted.

    I believe that it was on January 5 that I said that nothing good would happen at those demonstrations.

    Look it up.

  17. First off Peter I have said since day one they should have shot more of them. They should have firehosed everyone who crossed the barriers and shot anyone who made it to the steps.

    And Phantom there are some things worth Rising Up Against…. which is why we have the second Amendment to Water the Tree of Liberty with the Blood it occasionally needs to keep it’s root’s fresh…

    However Stealing an Election is VERY VERY LOW on that list, they’ve stole one election for sure in our lifetime, and tried to steal another over hanging chads. Elections are stolen a regular basis in this country, it’s a national sport. How many politicians in just NY, NJ, an Pa. have been locked up for election fraud… look it up

    Fair, Not Fair, Honest, or Dishonest…. Joe Biden took the Oath to be the 46th President of The United States of America. He is the President. He is my President, your President, Trumps President.

    Nothing has occurred that in my opinion has given the slightest cause for the raising of arms…. PERIOD!

    The Arena of is the Courts, the voting booth, and the Battlefield are the Pages of the Press, The Internet, and the Airwaves….. our weapons and our victories are won with words expressing our Ideas and Ideals.

    One side right now is choosing to try and change that battlefield of words by banning those they don’t want to hear. If anything ever leads to violence that’s what it will be over… the attempt to silence dissent.

    We however are a Long, Long, Long, way from ever even contemplating violence.

  18. I mean it though Tom, you Truly believe at least from your comments that the Jan 6 Riot was the worst riot of the Last year of one riot after another.

    You claim it was Insurrection and Treason.

    Surely with the Passion that you believe that you should be able to put it in writing why you feel that way.

    Are you not capable of explaining it? This is not a trap, or a gotchya moment.

    I don’t understand how you can feel that way and reach those 2 conclusions, so please explain it, in detail. Convince why your view is the proper way to view the events of Jan 6th.

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