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Get it while you can in this country. The Sun, I mean. It’s a lovely day so you have to be out and about. I walked a few miles in these here parts this morning. Here’s a village with a red telephone box outside the pub. They were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and are glorious. They don’t have telephones in them any more of course, but they still have their uses. This one has a defibrilator, presumably for drinkers who have just been landed with a large tab. Some have defribilators, some have shelves with books. Just take one out and put one back. Others I’ve seen have floral arrangements. There are lots of things you can do with them, and I support them all. Anything to avoid ripping them out for scrap.

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5 thoughts on “PROPER RECYCLING

  1. The idea that Conte could work with Levy was always a non-starter. Conte promises success but he’s a big spender with uncompromising methods. Levy doesn’t demand success and isn’t keen on spending. Sperz fans think Levy made a thing out of talking with Conte because their season ticket renewal deadline was approaching. So now they’re even more annoyed with Levy. Talk about fun.

    In the end Levy’s narrow horizons will always hold them back.

  2. Conte promises success but he’s a big spender with uncompromising methods.

    Yes, but to be fair he did deliver a Premier League title and an FA Cup win to Chelski in his two seasons. Sperz fans would give a lot for that.

  3. He’s also just delivered Inter’s first title in years, knocking a previously invincible Juve off their perch, but there’s no way Levy would stump up the money to allow that kind of thing.

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