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It is “time to distinguish” between the freedoms afforded to those who have been vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus and those who haven’t, said former British prime minister Tony Blair.

A report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change entitled ‘Less Risk, More Freedom’ argues for the adoption of a global vaccine passport that would afford people more freedom if they have received a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus.

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10 thoughts on “Good ole Tony

  1. Tony Blair wants to keep blacks and muslims indoors? The crime rate will certainly drop.

    But as ever he ignores liberty in favour of globalist goals. Our liberties are not derived from government and they are not government’s to take away.

    I do wish the press would remember that his time is long past and stop putting him out there.

  2. So, just to be clear..

    Masks didn’t work? Social distancing didn’t work? Lockdowns didn’t work? Vaccines haven’t quite done the trick?

    But a vaccine passport QR-code…will?

  3. Save the NHS they say.

    Ah, that must be why they mothballed those Nightingale Hospitals five minutes after they spent millions building them?

    How did they know they would not be required?

  4. Blair deserves to be criticised, but let’s not forget that this Tory government was going full speed ahead with domestic vaccine passports until yet another u-turn. They havn’t formally abandoned the idea, but it’s all gone very quiet. You will soon be able to get proof of vaccination from the NHS app (or on paper) but it will only be used to facilitate foreign travel, which is mostly banned anyway.

    About two months ago Michael Gove went to Israel to inspect their passport system and came back apparently determined to inflict it on the UK. But since then the Israelis have all but abandoned theirs.

  5. Patrick

    The Nazi era should not be a prop to be trotted out by the hyperignorant of today.

    You mock the suffering of those subjected to a genocide.

    Shame on you.

  6. I did not write it…. I just shared it…. and David speaks for himself…..

    are you going to explain your views on 1/6 in depth…… then we can discuss your views.

    You know when a post is written by me….. I have a “distinct” if not twisted perspective that I don’t bother to hide.

    That’s why I can in the same breath say that those who trespassed at the Capital should have been Firehosed and then Shot, but at the same time be outraged at how their Civil Rights are being Violated as they spend their time locked up in maximum security.

  7. It is very wrong to in any way compare the issue of masks and vaccines with a genocide

    No matter who wrote it

  8. Why ?

    Now we have a large group of people in the world who deny there was a holocaust, deny that anyone ever committed genocide of any kind.

    Yet we know the Germans did, the Russians did, we did, the Turks, the Arabs, genocide is rife throughout history.

    The Iranians want to commit genocide right now which is why they are building nukes, can you say without a shadow of doubt that this Pandemic is not a Chinese Genocide.

    A Bio Weapon unleashed on the rest of the world to cripple it?

    How many people have died? 3.74 Million…… how many bodies equal an act of Genocide?

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