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A British Muslim author has said that certain British towns have “no-go zones” for white people and that school children are attacked by Muslim children for “being white”, in an investigation into mosques in the United Kingdom.

Ed Husain, a professor in the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, warned that many Muslims in Britain are living in “another universe” in which Taliban-esque cultural norms are enforced. 

The author revealed to the Daily Mail that Islamic communities in areas such as Bolton are so divided from British society that “a Muslim can spend months with no contact whatsoever with mainstream ‘white’ Britain.”

The former advisor to former prime minister Tony Blair said that native Britons admitted to him that there are areas of their communities they consider “no-go” zones because of concerns of being physically attacked.

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One thought on “You… No Go!

  1. Ed Husein is obviously right, and no-one will touch it because it involves the usual suspects – backward, muslim primitives. Of course if it was the other way round it would be the leading story forever.

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