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Gareth Southgate, the England national team manager, has insisted that the players will continue to take the knee. He has suggested that booing signifies racism. He’s a decent man but well out of his lane on this. He has shown loyalty to the players, who are badly advised by their own people, but has completely misread the situation.

Politicians can see where this is going. Euro 2020 (it’s delayed from last summer but the tournament title remains) starts next week. Enagland will play most or all of their games at Wembley Stadium. Crowds will grow as will the booing and the dissent. The Tory Party can be as woke as anything but the politicians have wisely backed the fans. That’s where the upside is.

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  1. Taking the knee was just about tolerable for a few weeks after George Floyd was murdered by a racist cop a year ago, but it has been totally pointless virtue-signalling since the start of the 2020-21 season last August. It needs to stop now.

  2. Chauvin was a bad and violent cop but I don’t see evidence that he is racist.

    Taking the knee is a bow and scrape to the racist and violent BLM cabal. If you oppose racism – as all should – it’s the last thing you’d ever do.

    Bend the knee to God, but never to any man or any movement.

  3. The liberals see a bandwagon and jump right on it. But this time it could be heading over a cliff as people are sick and tired of said liberals browbeating them their nonsense. People are kicking back. They do not see those at, for example, Henley Regatta taking the knee, just the Great Unwashed. I am glad people are starting to push back and are not being coward by being called, wrongly, racist.

  4. Some people in and around football have been fed bad propaganda. I heard John Barnes a couple of years ago, on the radio, say that racism is a result of a power imbalance. That’s pure Stokely Carmichael, a black supremacist and Marxist revolutionary. Carmichael also came uo with the idea of institutional racism. These evil ideas have been dripping in for years.

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