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Even for a Frenchman that’s a girlie slap. Put some effort into it, noodle arms. The aide has a nice bum, I notice.


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2 thoughts on “MACRON IS NO PRESCOTT

  1. I’m no fan of Macron, but there is a good case to be made that he has handled the pandemic a lot better than Johnson:

    “The fundamental difference between the approaches of the British and French governments since March 2020 has been one of fear. The former stoked it, quite purposely, to manipulate the population into subservience. They found willing collaborators in the broadcast media, who whipped up nationwide hysteria by parroting the party line…

    It’s a damning illustration of Britain’s timidity that France could be fully open for business before its neighbour if, as many expect, Boris Johnson pushes back ‘Freedom Day’ to July 5, five days after France’s Jour de la Liberté. Britain’s winter peak of Covid cases was reached in late January, three months before France’s. Yet in the last few weeks France has shown a determination to open up as quickly as possible despite the fact that their vaccine rollout has been slow in comparison to Britain’s, with only 13m fully vaccinated compared to 28m in Britain.

    Deaths are diminishing in France with only 72 in the last 24 hours (59 more than in the UK) but Macron and his scientific advisers accept that zero Covid is not realistic. On the primetime news on Tuesday evening the chairman of the Covid Scientific Council, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, struck an optimistic note, downplaying a suggestion from his interviewer that the Indian variant threatened the country’s return to freedom.

    The French have been mercifully spared an equivalent to the doomsayer duo of Whitty and Valance. The closest they’ve got it is a retired epidemiologist called Catherine Hill who, as her surname suggests, married into the Anglophone world. Being of the same gloomy bent as SAGE, Hill has been invited on British television to scold France for lacking Britain’s apprehension. Fortunately President Macron hasn’t taken too much notice of the scientist, no doubt aware that in 2018 she criticised him for drinking a glass of wine with his meals.”


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