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Now 55 years ago.

NPR: 50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat

Because scientists trousered corporate bucks untold millions grew fat, developed diseases and had shortened lives. It’s often remarked, when people view old social scenes, that everyone was slim. That changed half a century ago, when the sugar industry paid scientists to point the blame at delicious, nutritious and healthy fat.

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6 thoughts on ““TRUST THE SCIENCE”

  1. The hugely successful podcaster ( and comedian, and former MMA fighter ) would likely agree with you

  2. Scientists can be bought just like politicians can be bought. The smoking industry paid scientists to produce “reports” that cast doubt on the link between cigarettes and lung cancer. This campaign was hightly successful and held up restrictive legislation by at least 20 years in the USA. And of course the same playbook has been followed by the fossil fuel industries with the same result. And some of the scientists are also the same. Liars for hire.

  3. Don’t forget the Sackler family, who owned medical publications that reviewed Oxycontin, an addictive Opioid that was made by…the Sackler family.

    How do you think those reviews went?

  4. In the early sixties, Estes Kefauver, a Tennessee senator, chaired a subcommittee that looked into the pharmaceutical industry, which was growing rapidly. Kefauver, who had previously investigated the Mafia, was especially intrigued by the Sackler brothers. A memo prepared by Kefauver’s staff noted, “The Sackler empire is a completely integrated operation in that it can devise a new drug in its drug development enterprise, have the drug clinically tested and secure favorable reports on the drug from the various hospitals with which they have connections, conceive the advertising approach and prepare the actual advertising copy with which to promote the drug, have the clinical articles as well as advertising copy published in their own medical journals, [and] prepare and plant articles in newspapers and magazines.” In January, 1962, Arthur travelled to Washington to testify before Kefauver’s subcommittee. A panel of senators assailed him with pointed questions, but he was a formidable interlocutor—slippery, aloof, and impeccably prepared—and no senator landed a blow. At one point, Sackler caught Kefauver in an error and said, “If you personally had taken the training that a physician requires to get a degree, you would never have made that mistake.” Quizzed about his promotion of a cholesterol drug that had many side effects, including hair loss, Sackler deadpanned, “I would prefer to have thin hair to thick coronaries.”

    And this was way before Oxycontin…

  5. comparing the members of congress to the snakes of the corporate world is a joke as good of charlatans an con artist are elected officials are they are rank amateurs’….

    I know guys that can steal your car keys sell you your own car and make you feel like you benefited from the deal…. The Pharmaceutical racket is the best shell game there is.

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