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We need a distraction in these times we find ourselves in…. I tend to give my mind a break from serious or tactical thought with graphic novels, or shall we be honest and call them what they are… adult comic books. The film industry has done a marvelous job finally of being able to recreate what we have been reading for decades. The tech has caught up.

Now to me The Bat is Man in his highest form, but I am a fan of Chaos…. that is the true underlying factor of everything. The wonderful FU factor of existence….. the ethos always has the last laugh and if they strike oil in my garden all I’ll get out of it is dead tomatoes and the bill for whoever’s pipeline they struck….  but tonight we shall celebrate Chaos as the God of Mischief another Idol of mine Premier’s his series LOKI…. my heart is a flutter…..

Arrogance is the greatest natural super power.

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