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Andrew Lloyd Webber has said he is determined to open his theatres on 21 June, even if he risks being arrested … “We are going to open, come hell or high water,” he told the Telegraph.

The government has said it will make a judgement soon on whether to proceed with the lifting of lockdown restrictions on 21 June.

According to reports, that date may be pushed back by the government due to concerns over the impact of Covid-19 variant.

Theatres are currently able to operate with with reduced capacities and socially distanced audiences.

Lord Lloyd-Webber has previously insisted that productions like his large-scale musicals are “impossible” under those restrictions.

More of this. There is not the slightest justification for ongoing restrictions to our liberty. Alas, Boris and Gove are held hostage by the crazies at SAGE, half of whom are politically suspect, none of who have lost a day’s wages and none of whom have the slightest regard for liberty or the the economy.

What we have is to odd, small outbreak, thanks to tinfoil hat-wearing anti-vaxxer muslim loons. Most of those in hospital are such. Well tough. They had the chance to be jabbed and turned it down. The rest of us shouldn’t be burdened by their decisions. Florida and Texas are fully back to normal and things are fine. We need to remid ourselves that the vaccines work for a purpose, and it isn’t to carry on as we have been for 18 months because of a few tinfoil hat-wearing anti-vaxxer muslim loons. I’m noticing more and more people without face masks. Good. They need to be binned.

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5 thoughts on “LLOYD WEBBER IS A HERO

  1. We’ve acquiesced to them the tool to bludgeon us with and that is exactly what they will continue to do….

  2. “I’m noticing more and more people without face masks.”

    Yes, we all went to the Milton Keynes Mall on Sunday to have a splurge, the place was heaving, I would guess at approximately 25-30% of folk were maskless, no one seemed to care a jot.

    Almost every shop, cafes, McDonald’s, large department stores had the inevitable “no face mask, no entry” sign, still the same places were full of folk maskless, SAGE and PHE must simply realise now, the game is up.

    Next Slide Please.

  3. “ We’ve acquiesced to them the tool to bludgeon us with and that is exactly what they will continue to do….”


  4. What we have is to odd, small outbreak, thanks to tinfoil hat-wearing anti-vaxxer muslim loons.

    No, what we have is the Indian version of the virus spreading rapidly, thanks to Johnson delaying a ban on flights from India for three weeks in April during which time 30,000 arrived in Heathgrow and Birmingham. And the reason was purely poltical because he had no problem implementing a ban on Pakistan at the time he should have banned India as well. But he was trying to cosy up to Modi as part of the “Global Britain” nonsense.

    But you’re right about re-opening fully on 21 June. It shuld go ahead unless there is a huge surge in hospitalisations in the next ten days, which seems very unlikely.

  5. The Indian variant is spreading rapidly in our wee Ulster as well as in the Republic and in Scotland and many parts of England. We are paying the price for Johnson’s criminal incompetence, yet again. Total daily infections in NI exceeded 100 today for the first time in two months and will likely hit 500 before this month is out. I hope I’m wrong and maybe it won’t matter provided that hospitalisations stay low, but I’d just like to say **** you Johnson. You are a useless lying sob.

    “The number of suspected cases of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in NI has doubled to about 80, BBC News NI understands. Sources have also said it has spread to different parts of the country. The so-called Indian variant, now named the Delta by the World Health Organisation (WHO), was first confirmed in Northern Ireland in early May. Last Friday, 26 Delta cases were confirmed by health officials, with surge testing taking place in Kilkeel.”


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