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Students at one of Oxford University’s colleges have voted to remove a portrait of the Queen from their common room.

Members of Magdalen College Middle Common Room (MCR) deemed the image a symbol of “recent colonial history”.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson branded the move as “simply absurd”.

Williamson is wrong. Of course many people have described it as absurd, but they have no idea what is going on. We live in an era when our heros, our symbols, our history and culture is under terrible, incessant attack by the radical left. It is the resurrection, with serious intent, of the Cultural Revolutions and its war on The Four Olds.

The Four Olds was a term used during the Cultural Revolution by the student-led Red Guards in the People’s Republic of China in reference to the pre-communist elements of Chinese culture they attempted to destroy. The Four Olds were: Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs. The campaign to destroy the Four Olds began in Beijing on August 19, 1966 (the “Red August”, during which a massacre also took place in Beijing), shortly after the launch of the Cultural Revolution.

Every fallen statue, every portrait removed, every person canelled, every idea attacked, every reputation ruined, every book and show removed, is from the Cultural Revolution playbook. Every attack on our past and what we cherish most has the violent Marxist-Leninist wellspring. Of course the young don’t know what they have been induced to do, The young know nothing. All terrorist and radical left movements take advantage of useful idiots. But this is exactly what we are seeing.

The Tories have no idea what’s going on either. Williamson is proof of that.

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  1. Pete

    This is Oxford student politics. In the 1930s a debate the Oxford Union reflected the same politics and generated the same reaction:

    “In 1933, the Union passed its famous motion, “This House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country”, causing a maelstrom of political and public ire; indeed, Winston Churchill called it, “that abject, squalid, shameless avowal”.”


  2. The picture was only added in 2013. Somehow Magdalen College Middle Common Room survived up until that point.

  3. Magdalen Colle4ge alumni include Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas and a host of other such types, so you would have thought they’d be quite partial to queens.

  4. Time to remove all government (tax payer) funding from universities – if they despise the state, let them fund themselves.

  5. Removing the portrait was stupid and unnecessary.

    There should be a lot more pushback from ” conservative ” students than there is. The good kids – who are more numerous than you think – are way too polite, when confronted by thugs who have no respect for anyone.

  6. “Time to remove all government (tax payer) funding from universities – if they despise the state, let them fund themselves.

    “hear, hear!”

    Defund the lot of them.

  7. Taxpayer funding of universities proves Bastiat’s dictum that the state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.

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