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David Vance & Ilana Mercer

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5 thoughts on “Murderous NY Psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani Is Right Hatred Of Whites Is Here To Stay

  1. She’s much closer in temprament to Charles Manson than she is to Freud.

    And hate to break it to her, but she’s as pale or more than 90% of the Greeks Italians or Spanish among us.

  2. This woman is in the field of psychiatry the medical art designed to ease the problems of the Human mind……

    Could you imagine going to her to get help trying to get your shit together…..

  3. Phantom write something…. please

    I am very curious to hear an on the ground view of conditions in NYC right now. Spring is almost done, summer will be upon us very shortly…. what is the streetlife of NY doing?

    Are the people still huddling in their homes or are they chomping at the bit to get the hell out,,,,?

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