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US President Joe Biden will tell PM Boris Johnson not to let the row over post-Brexit trading in Northern Ireland affect the peace process.

Left wing imperialism never sleeps. Unlike the senile president, who sleeps many hours a day. He’s ignorant too. Imagine coming to the UK, a singular and indivisible state, to tell the Prime Minister that British sausages cannot be moved from England to Northern Ireland! It’s such a mad idea only a politician or bureaucrat would think it makes sense.

The Prime Minister should hand him a list of produce and tell the president to ban their movement between California and Colorado. When Biden says that such an idea is preposterous Boris need only smile and agree. Then send the rude man packing.

I note that there are no quarantine requirements for G7 attendees. Not even senile old men who flout protocols and imperil lives. The virus knows to avoid diplomatic passports, clearly, That must be “The Science”.

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11 thoughts on “YANKEE GO HOME

  1. “The Prime Minister should hand him a list of produce and tell the president to ban their movement between California and Colorado.”

    Here is a useful article about the rules covering bringing produce and other items in to California.


    “Question: What do pecan shells, ferrets and flamethrowers have in common?

    Answer: They are all things you can’t bring into the state of California.

    Yes, these three seemingly unrelated things are among the hundreds of items that (a) are subject to confiscation at one of California’s sixteen border stations, and/or (b) will get you into trouble with one of California’s 509 law enforcement agencies. In some cases, the worst that will happen is you get your Oregon cherries confiscated. On the other hand, getting caught with that belt buckle knife could bring far greater headaches…”

    and here is a PDF that had a list of state by state rules.


  2. “Question: What do pecan shells, ferrets and flamethrowers have in common?

    Er, they are, so far to date, the only things MEP’s and the Commission haven’t claimed for on expenses?

  3. You can’t bring certain plants into Hawaii.

    You go through an agricultural inspection upon landing.

  4. Biden visited Cornwall today, so you can obviously bring vegetables into the U.K.

  5. Da dum-tish

    You can’t take certain flora and fauna to certain places for ecological reasons. That doesn’t apply to sausages going to Northern Ireland.

  6. Brit-bashing Macron has made very hardline remarks on this row today. It’s clear that Anglo-French relations are now at an all-time low:

    “Asked about the dispute on Thursday evening, French President Emmanuel Macron said: “I think it’s not serious to want to review in July what we finalised after years of debate and work in December. We have a trade deal – it has been painfully discussed for years… if six months later, they say: ‘What we negotiated with you, we don’t know how to respect it’, then that means that nothing is respectable anymore.”


  7. The EU is making contingncy plans for a trade-war with the UK if the Protocol collapses later this year. And it is also planning a possible sea-border – against Ireland – to protect its precious single market from the threat of British saussages:

    “Indeed, nothing has put Brussels’s grand rhetoric about solidarity with Ireland in quite so much perspective as reports that EU diplomats are drawing up emergency plans to ‘restrict Ireland’s single market access’ in the event that London refuses to stop shipping chilled sausages to Belfast. Apparently, ‘consequences for Ireland’ are a price worth paying to shut out British foodstuffs. (Dublin’s obvious distress at the prospect of facing a sea border does have the handy effect of discrediting the efforts of protocol apologists, who pretend that the existing sea border is harmless and poses no serious threat either to Ulster’s economic or constitutional position in the UK.)

    Meanwhile, the EU is reportedly threatening a ‘trade war’ with the UK in the event that it doesn’t back down. Is London ready for that?


  8. “Joe Biden doesn’t understand Northern Ireland”

    He probably understands it better than Boris Johnson, or Theresa May, or Margaret Thatcher, or in fact any Tory PM since the 1960s, which isn’t saying much, as their long tradition of errors regarding the province is very plain to see.

    Ballina Joe will see this through. If the UK thinks it can mess with Ireland again and still get that hotly desired trade deal with the US. it can think again.

    But, since I saw Paul’s original post about it on Whistling In The Wind, I’m still laughing at Joe quoting “Easter 1916″ to a group of English soldiers, a poem that lauds ” MacDonagh and MacBride/ And Connolly and Pearse”. MacBride is the Boer War veteran who said, before facing the firing squad, that there’s no need for a blindfold as he has “been looking down the barrels of British guns all my life”.

    The poem was, Joe told the soldiers (probably none of whom was educated enough to be insulted by it), by “another Irish poet”,

    Who was the first one he had mentioned, I wonder? Was it Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh or Joseph Mary Plunkett?

  9. Noel –

    “The poem was, Joe told the soldiers (probably none of whom was educated enough to be insulted by it), by “another Irish poet”,”

    I doubt the military personnel were insulted. They were American and not English, as you claim.

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