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A rare moment of sanity in an absurd world.

A woman who lost her job after saying that people cannot change their biological sex has won an appeal against an employment tribunal.

Maya Forstater, 47, did not have her contract renewed after posting tweets on gender recognition.

She lost her original case at a tribunal in 2019, but a High Court judge ruled her “gender-critical” beliefs fell under the Equalities Act.

Her ignorant employer rushed to ruin her because she stated a plain fact, one which the entirety of humanity outside of a tiny, lunatic fringe recognises.

Sex is determined by chromosomes. You can have bits removed and bits added, but you cannot change your sex. You can change your name and add some pronouns, but you cannot change your sex. Hairy-arsed Dave can call himself Loretta and pretend he’s a woman, but he has no right to force anyone else to indulge his personal fictions.

There are two sexes only, there is no crossing that barrier, and there is no such thing as “gender”.

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  1. As well as a victory for scientific fact over “gender” politics, this is a very important victory for free speech:

    “An appeal court judge has today ruled that the tax consultant at a global think-tank, sacked for expressing the view that males and females are biologically distinct and have different life experiences, was wrongfully dismissed. Judge Choudhury said that Forstater’s ‘gender-critical beliefs’ ‘were widely shared’ and ‘did not seek to destroy the rights of trans persons’. The judgement notes, ‘It is clear from Convention case law that… a person is free in a democratic society to hold any belief they wish, subject only to “some modest, objective minimum requirements”’…

    Today’s ruling is not only a tremendous personal victory for Forstater — it is also a win for everyone who believes in free speech and thinks the state should not be playing a role in endorsing ‘the dogma of gender identity theory’. It seems that, finally, the grip of gender ideology is beginning to wane. Forstater’s victory comes just a day after Lisa Keogh, a law student at Abertay University, was cleared of misconduct for saying in a seminar that ‘women have vaginas’. It comes weeks after the University of Essex was forced to issue a public apology for bowing to protests and cancelling talks by gender-critical feminists and creating a climate where staff and students felt ‘constrained to self-censor their speech and activity’. It comes amid a rush of public institutions pulling out of Stonewall’s diversity champions programme.”

    Raise a glass to Maya Forstater

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