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Ukraine has been told to remove a “political slogan” from its Euro 2020 jersey by Uefa after Russia protested.

The shirt, containing a map showing Russian-annexed Crimea as part of Ukraine also included the phrase “Glory to the heroes”.

European football’s governing body had previously approved the kit.

However, they now say the combination of the map and wording inside the shirt clearly has “historic and militaristic significance”.

The Russians went comically apoplectic when Ukraine unveiled their great patriotic kit. So much so that if the two countries meet it will be must-see viewing. I hope also that England somehow play Ukraine. We can then see how Ukraine must play in a neutered kit, because “football doesn’t allow politics to intrude”, while the England team honour Marxist-Leninism, the most evil ideology which has ever haunted humanity, Ukraine included.

I’m in favour of keeping politics out of sport, but administrators can’t pretend that so called “anti-racism” is anything but hard left politics. You keep it all out or have a free-for-all.

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  1. I was watching RT ( the lousy Putin propaganda station ) the other day and the Russians were freaking out about this issue on the air.

    The Ukranians were stupid to be putting that stuff on their soccer blouses. Right call UEFA.

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