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Short list, what we know….

By Patrick Van Roy On June 11th, 2021

  • Infectious Disease Expert Told Fauci In January 2020 That COVID-19 Looked Potentially Engineered
  • Biden Claimed Trump “Muzzled” Fauci — But Emails Reveal Fauci Said Otherwise
  • Chinese CDC Director Apologized To Fauci After Appearing To Promote Masks
  • U.S. Researcher With Ties To Wuhan Lab Personally Thanked Fauci In April 2020 For Dispelling Lab Leak Theory “Myths”
  • Fauci Had Some Level Of Concern About Being Publicly Tied To Gain-Of-Function Research
  • Fauci Was Speaking With Mark Zuckerberg About Facebook’s Information Policies

What we have here is the Epitome of “The Bureaucracy” those that we never see, that have no oversight, and really run everything in the government. The faceless little pencil pushing geek’s who spend their days moving up the civil ranks and wielding the true power of regulation and the purse.

Fauci was a nobody a year ago to the public. No one knew who he was or cared, yet he is the highest paid Civil Servant in the country and has over seen where billions of dollars of tax payer money has been spent and his implemented 1000s of regulations (Laws). This is true power.

It was one of this little Geeks side projects that has caused the death of millions. The Chinese created it for their Weapons Program, but Fauci financed it. He should be prosecuted, at the very least Terminated and lose his Pension.

Millions have died.

7 Responses to “Short list, what we know….”

  1. So true.

    No one on the face of the earth knew who the serpent was. Even his wife never heard of him.

    He never did anything good, spent all his days ripping off the taxpayer and teaching the Chinese how to create Kung Flu.

  2. you are blind with partisan hate.

    Of course he did good, and of course he was good at his job. He was rewarded with great power and vast wealth even as a non-civil servant 400grand is a lot to make a year.

    With great power and influence which he has comes great responsibility. He fucked up Phantom and he then tried to cover it up. It is not the end of the world and he did not fuck up intentionally.

    He still holds a good degree of responsibility for the cause of death of millions. We can do nothing to the chicoms for the deaths, but we can fire the little geek that paid for them.

  3. ” Vast wealth “!!

  4. the avg American family makes 40grand a year, he makes 400grand. It may not be to you, but to me and most americans 400,000 a year is vast wealth.

  5. Funny that this green eyed jealousy only pertains to people who right wing junk media instruct you to hate

    Fauci if anything is seriously underpaid for a man of his qualifications. He could make triple that or more working in private industry.

    He continues to work at his age in order to serve the nation and world, and this is how the unthinking mob and their masters repay him

  6. Phantom I’m jealous of no one, I’ve had and lost more fortune than most will ever know and even being financially tight I consider myself rich with blessings.

    No Civil Servant should make 100 grand let alone 400 grand period. They are Civil Servants.

  7. No.

    Not how it works.

    Not how it should work.

    A four star general earns $200,000 and has free housing. They are -not- overpaid, and no serious person thinks that they are overpaid.

    If you want to underpay government workers, you’ll get what you pay for.

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