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You see this play all the time with these bums. It’s the only one they have.

A US congresswoman has hit back after a rare rebuke from Democratic colleagues over her remarks seeming to liken the US and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban […]

On Monday, Ms Omar tweeted that “we have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban” […]

Early on Thursday, Ms Omar – a Somali-born former refugee who is one of the first Muslims elected to Congress – hit back at the group calling them “shameful” and accusing them of engaging in “islamophobic tropes”.

They say something stupid and offensive. It’s contrived and deliberate. They stir it up. In this case AOC equated the US and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban. When someone bites back they accuse the other side of racism, or Islamophobia, or some other made up nonsese. This woman is seriously thick, but she’s street smart. She has a nose for mischief but nothing constructive. Her voters deserve her.

Note also the typically subtle BBC propaganda, leading with AOC “hitting back”, to make her look strong, rather than the original comment or the response it drew. The BBC slants its news like this every day.

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5 thoughts on “THE AOC PLAYBOOK

  1. only surprised you didn’t run with Neo-Nazi Andrew Dymock found guilty at the Old Bailey

    Tragic isn’t it when a decent white nationalist patriot falls foul of free speech laws and wooly minded liberal laws , or as harri might say the mentally ill loonie left

    where’s the FREE DYMOCK post .. travesty of justice wasn’t it ?

    AOC – she’s bonkers yep

  2. AOC supporters are exactly like Trump supporters

    They fell in love with what they see as a sex symbol, and will follow them on any issue, regardless of how idiotic the position is

    Trump could support giving Iran the nuclear codes, AOC could support the death penalty for smoking pot, all their supporters with no exception would immediately saying ” best idea of all time. What a leader. More of this please. “

  3. Oh no he’s not.

    He retains command of the Republican Party from the Mar A Lago bunker.

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